Shukri: An “Egyptian and Arab” red line in the face of the displacement of Palestinians

This came during a meeting with Shukri With Chinese Vice President Han Zheng and Foreign Minister Wang Yi In Beijing, as part of the “Arab-Islamic” movement to meet with a number of permanent members of the Security Council, with the participation of the foreign ministers of the committee formed from the recent “Arab-Islamic Summit” in Riyadh, with the aim of pushing the path to stopping the ongoing war in the Gaza Strip.

Shukri said, “There was a declared policy to displace Palestinians from Gaza, but the strong Egyptian and Arab position rejecting displacement was a red line, explaining that displacement will threaten peace, security, and stability in the region and the world.”

Shukri pointed out that there are major countries that provide cover for Israel to carry out its current attacks in Gaza.

And he said Egyptian Minister of Foreign Affairs There is an aspiration for a more powerful role on the part of great powers such as China in order to stop the attacks against the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, stressing that unfortunately the grave Israeli violations of Israeli war crimes are not called by some by their true names, and there is a responsibility that falls on the Security Council to protect international legitimacy, and this is the position The China we know and expect, he said.

Shukry stressed that Egypt is making every effort to bring aid into the Gaza Strip through the Rafah crossing, “but the policy… Israel “There is a systematic obstruction of the entry of aid aimed at pushing the Palestinians to leave the Gaza Strip under the weight of bombing and siege.”

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry spokesman stated that the participating foreign ministers will meet with the political leaders and foreign ministers of the countries included in the tour, with the aim of pushing the necessity of an immediate ceasefire and the introduction of humanitarian aid into the Gaza Strip in a sustainable manner, in addition to pushing the need to address the roots and causes of the crisis through A serious political process that ends with the establishment of an independent Palestinian state.

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