Ryan Reynolds and loads of sugar can’t help this medicine go down – Daily Democrat

“IF” may get by. It’s sincere. As the song from “The Music Man” asks: How can there be any sin in that?

It’s also maudlin enough to force you into a defensive emotional crouch for an hour and 44 minutes. I speak for an audience of one here. Others may experience an entirely different set of side effects to a movie with a weirdly groggy and medicinal aura.

As his popular success with the first two “Quiet Place” monster movies asserted, writer-director John Krasinski knows how to balance thrills and miles and miles and miles of heart. He’s a pro at prolonging and screw-tightening a scene where something enormous and potentially scary is about to leap into frame. The same thing happens in “IF,” a lot, this time to mild “gotcha!” comic effect.

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