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Rubén Rocha commemorates the National Civil Protection Day

Culiacan, Sinaloa /

As part of the commemoration of National Civil Protection Day held in the Civic Plaza of the Government Palace, the governor Ruben Rocha Moya delivered six Pick-Up trucks and two boats to State Institute of Civil Protection so that they can continue carrying out their work of safeguarding the physical integrity of Sinaloans.

At the event, Governor Rocha congratulated members of the Civil Protection Institute for the task they carry out every day and asked them to continue working with love to help people.

“Well, I congratulate you and I give recognition to all the civil protection personnel, your task is a very human task, continue doing it with love, we must take care of those people, because regularly the people who flood are the youngest. resources, we are helping people,” he said.

The State executive also presented the Civil Protection Merit Award 2023 for José Óscar Guerrero Angulo, Héctor Enrique Rodríguez Lozoya and Rafael Morales Lugo, whom he recognized for their work within the institution.

For his part, the director of State Civil Protection, Aurelio Roy Navarrete Cuevasthanked the interest and willingness that Governor Rubén Rocha Moya and his administration have for the protection of people in Sinaloa.

He invited all Sinaloan businessmen to join the effort of the National Civil Protection System in a way in which this important task of protecting the population can be carried out more efficiently.

“This government headed by our governor Rubén Rocha Moya is very interested in reaching out to families for self-protection, it is very important that Sinaloa businessmen and women join the efforts of our national, state and municipal civil protection system,” he expressed. .

The governor, together with civil and military authorities, also carried out a flag raising at half mast with ordinance honors to commemorate the tens of thousands of people killed by the earthquakes that shook the country’s capital in the years of 1985 and 2017.

Also present at this event were the president of the State DIF System, Eneyda Rocha Ruiz; the president of the Supreme Court of Justice, Jesús Iván Chávez Rangel; the mayor of Culiacán, Juan de Dios Gámez Mendívil; the representative of the Ninth Military Zone, Antonio Barragan Zavaleta; the coordinator of the eighth Battalion of the National Guard and the representative of Military Air Base No. 10 in Sinaloa, in addition to the presence of Civil Protection personnel.


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