Route, enthusiasm, favorites, new features: everything you need to know about the 2024 edition of the Namur Marathon

In the south of the country, only the 15 km of Liège Métropole manages to attract so many people. “If we had left registrations open, we could have easily accommodated 8,000 people. But we have to grow step by step, without it harming the runners' experience. The Namur Marathon must remain a popular running festival”underlines Nicolas Bonomi, for the organization.

How the Namur Marathon is poised to become the biggest running event in Wallonia

The paths

> Marathon

The 42.195 km, which has some 1,300 pre-registered people (an increase of 400 compared to 2023), will leave Brumagne at 9 a.m. The route mainly offers a round trip along the Meuse towards Profondeville before finishing along the Sambre to arrive at Namur Expo (like all distances). This one, approved, displays a positive altitude difference of 150 meters, with a few small bumps between the 15th and 20th kilometers.

Refreshments are provided every 5 km on the route.

The route of the Namur 2024 marathon.
The route of the Namur 2024 marathon. ©DR
> Half marathon

The half-marathon departs from Profondeville at 9:30 a.m. The most popular distance of the event since it will welcome 3900 participants on an approved course which can be described as rolling (64 meters of D +). This is in fact the second part of the marathon route.

Refreshments are provided every 5 km on the route.

The route of the Namur 2024 half-marathon.
The route of the Namur 2024 half-marathon. ©DR
> The 10K KickCancer

This distance, created in 2023, is also enjoying great popularity with 1,850 registered. That is 1150 more than during its first edition.

The departure, which will be given at 9:45 a.m., takes place from the Parc de la Plante, in Jambes for a course which constitutes the last part of the marathon. Here too, no major difficulties with only around thirty meters of positive altitude difference.

Please note that KickCancer is a non-profit organization which raises funds for the fight against childhood cancer and that each registration allows 2 euros to be donated to this association.

The 2024 10K Kick Cancer route.
The 10K Kick Cancer 2024 route. ©DR

The news

At the end of the somewhat cacophonous arrival at Place d'Armes, in the heart of Namur.

This year, the 3 distances will have a common finish at Namur Expo, where the Village Marathon will also be held on Saturday (2 p.m. to 8 p.m.) and Sunday morning (bib collection from 5:45 a.m.). With the advantage of having a covered area and changing rooms, with hot showers, nearby (in Tabora).

The tray

Amaury Paquet, winner of the Namur marathon a year ago, will be there again. Except that this time he will take part in the half-marathon where he will be the big favorite. Also worth watching over this distance are the Frenchman Hassan Benhachim and Mathieu Van Overeem, Mathieu Castelyn, Guillaume Darquenne, Thomas Guilmot, Tim Vroman and Mathieu Moor who have all indicated they want to go under 1h10.

On the women's side, we should find Alexandra Tondeur or even Camille Dekeyser and Pauline Bureau on the semi.

In the marathon, it's difficult to pick out a name from the list of entrants.

The Namur marathon in figures

  • 7050 pre-registered
  • 500 kilos of oranges
  • 1200 kilos of bananas
  • 60,000 reusable cups
  • 2000 liters of golden Chimay on arrival
  • 15.5 km of Nadar barrier
  • 120 toilets
  • 134 flaggers
  • 29 physiotherapists
  • 300 young people from youth movements

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