Real Estate is putting pressure on, but Standard's accounts are not frozen

Clearly, the courts are blocking the assets of the company which holds the stadium's shares, but, importantly, this has no impact on the operation of Standard, whose accounts have not been frozen. It appears in fact that the decision concerns 777 SDL, a company created by 777 Partners, but not Standard. But that doesn't make life any easier…

The blocked sales process

If 777 Partners wants to sell Standard, it will have to be able to compensate the shareholders of Immobilière, including Bruno Venanzi, Axel Witsel and Nacer Chadli in particular, or find common ground with them… and therefore Bruno Venanzi . The former president, who is still awaiting payment of the second tranche of the club's takeover as well as repayment of a loan of €2.75 million – the company's court must render a decision on May 24 in this file –, increases contacts with potential investors interested in the takeover of Standard.

Venanzi, however, does not want to return to the head of the club, but rather to play the role of facilitator and recover, above all, his money, from the Real Estate, the sale of the club and the loan. We are talking about an amount close to €10 million.

The Famille des Rouches has blocked the launch of the subscription campaign for next season, while details are given on the future of the club.

Push 777 Partners to withdraw?

In a press release published in the afternoon, the shareholders of Immobilière explained the meaning of their approach: “We hope that this approach will encourage 777 and/or its crisis manager (B Riley) to answer our hitherto ignored questions and requests. Without a response from them, we will take further action to protect our interests and those of Standard.”

What is behind these new actions? In Brazil, justice has just handed down a decision against 777 Partners, which was stripped of control of Vasco da Gama, due to the American owner's financial troubles and in order to preserve the club's interests. However, is such action possible in Belgium? In any case, it seems that the pressure will intensify, in Belgium, on 777 Partners.

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