Raiders to face Chiefs in Black Friday game

Raiders Chiefs Black Friday
Credit: Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

.Although the NFL schedule won’t be released until later this evening, strategic leaks trickle out via media and social media, indicating that the Las Vegas Raiders will face the Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs in the Black Friday game streamed on Amazon Prime Video.

“The NFL will once again have a Black Friday game on Amazon Prime Video: #Raiders traveling to Kansas City for a matchup vs. the #Chiefs,” Ari Mierov posted on Wednesday morning.

While confirmation of the game won’t happen until 8 p.m. ET today, the matchup the day after Thanksgiving will be just the second NFL game scheduled on the unofficial holiday. Last season, the game on Black Friday between the Miami Dolphins and New York Jets drew 9.61 million viewers on Amazon Prime Video. Considering a massive success, the NFL is now working it into their regularly televised schedule.

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Raiders vs. Chiefs on Black Friday makes sense

Raiders Chiefs Black Friday
Credit: Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

The selection of the Raiders and Chiefs makes sense as it’s one of the oldest division rivalries in the NFL, dating back to when both teams were part of the AFL. Last season, the upstart Raiders beat the Chiefs in Kansas City on Christmas Day, drawing 29.6 million viewers, making it the second most-watched Christmas Day game in NFL history.

The Raiders now know they will play in Kansas City in November, part of their 23,000-mile road schedule in 2024. The Las Vegas road schedule ranks seventh in the NFL in terms of miles traveled, with their division rival, the Los Angeles Chargers, logging 26,803 miles next season. The Chiefs will travel just over 16,000 miles next season.

The Raiders traveled just over 21,000 miles last season and will face four teams — Miami, Baltimore, Tampa Bay and Cincinnati — in the Easter time zone in 2024.

Las Vegas, led by now-permanent head coach Antonio Pierce in his first full season, has gone 4-16 since 2014 at Arrowhead Stadium.

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