Quentin Serron and Limburg are making a strong impression this season: “We are one of the candidates for the trophies”

Injured knee, Quentin Serron will be unavailable for several weeks

”It was the first time I suffered such a knee injury. So there was an element of doubt, especially at this stage of my careerrecognizes the Brussels resident who is in his second year of a three-year contract in Limburg. My game is heavily based on explosiveness, whether on offense or defense, and I wondered if I would still be able to exploit that and jump like I used to. At the start of rehabilitation, the pain was very severe and you take a hit when you feel that your leg is no longer capable of performing even a small basic exercise. You have to be able to stay positive and mentally strong. But I was well supported by my teammates, the staff, the physiotherapists and my family.”

Belgian Basketball Cup – Limburg and Charleroi first qualified for the semi-finals at the end of the suspense

With 7.5 points, 2.5 assists, 2.2 rebounds and 21.9 minutes on average per game coming off the bench, he seems to be moving forward now. “I'm a little surprised it's going so well. Although we should probably still expect ups and downs. I still believe I have room for improvement. But I don't focus on my stats. The most important thing is my physical health.” The great motivation he displays on the pitch in any case demonstrates a great desire to make up for lost time. “I obviously missed it and my good feelings help me communicate my desire on the floor. When you have gone through such a long period of unavailability, at my age, you want to enjoy every match. And the team’s good results increase the pleasure of being back even more.”

Third in the championship, with one victory less than the leading duo composed of Ostend and Antwerp, the Limburgers have also just knocked out Ostend in the quarter-finals of the Belgian Cup. For the second time already this season, Quentin Serron and his teammates managed to win at the Coast against the multiple reigning Belgian champion (Editor's note: 12 consecutive coronations). Enough to make Limburg a contender for trophies this season? “I think we are one of the candidates, yes. We are part of the discussion but the season is still long. If we avoid physical problems, we can be ambitious.”

“All teams obviously dream of being the one that manages to dethrone Ostend.”

For him, the role of favorite still belongs to Ostend, where he spent his first seven professional years with as many titles and a prize of Belgian player of the year in 2016. “The BCO may not be as dominant as in previous years but its core remains impressive. You have to have respect for what this club has achieved for years. It's not easy to be the team to beat every season. All teams obviously dream of being the one that manages to dethrone Ostend.”

And Limburg United is counting on its experience to try to achieve this. “We have a squad that has remained stable compared to last season. It is a strength for us on a collective level. We have a mix between experienced players, like Maxime De Zeeuw, Jonas Delalieux, Cliff Hammonds and me, and young players who are progressing. My injury last season also allowed others to reveal themselves. And we are also reaping the rewards now.”

In any case, Quentin Serron does not regret his choice to return to Belgium a little over a year ago after six seasons abroad. “I've had some good experiences and some not so good ones. When you have the status of a foreigner within a team, you have more pressure and you can quickly be sidelined if things don't work out. This is what happened to me in Strasbourg with whom I won the Leaders Cup in France before being sidelined the following season. However, this allowed me to reach Bilbao and to realize a dream by playing in the Spanish championship. Although it wasn't easy because I stayed away from my family for a very long time due to Covid at that time. Family is my priority and, after an average season at Boulazac, I felt it was time to come back to Belgium. Without being happy, it's not worth playing abroad. And Limburg convinced me by presenting me with an ambitious project.”

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