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Princess Alia bint Al Hussein warns of a “great environmental danger”

Her speech came during an exclusive interview with Sky News Arabia, where she said, “Attention to issues related to the environment, nature, and animal welfare requires concerted efforts to take advantage of scientific and technological progress and transition to achieve an unconventional development in this regard.”

She pointed out that “these efforts at the present time have often become ineffective, in light of the increasing risks and difficulties, which were reinforced by the weak awareness of the younger generations of the importance of preserving the environment In the absence of environmental awareness and a meaningful environmental message that we need to develop ways to deliver it to these groups who now prefer to live in cities in general, and have become far from the environment and nature compared to previous generations.

Royal interest and “great danger”

Princess Alia Bint Al Hussein explained that her interest in nature began since her childhood, when she grew up in the house of the late King Hussein bin Talal Who was interested in the smallest details related to the environment and animals, in addition to the rest of the royal family in Jordan, which cares greatly about these matters.

And she stressed that underestimating anything related to nature, no matter how small, is unacceptable, because its repercussions may be dire and will be reflected on everyone, which makes it a responsibility for everyone.

And she continued: “This is something that our true religion and all the heavenly religions have recommended to us. A person is a successor to the land for its reconstruction,” and indicated that its reconstruction cannot be by harming any of its components.

And she added: “Whoever harms any part of nature will harm everyone in the end, and that respect for nature is inevitable because it is naturally stronger than Humans It has no power over the consequences of disturbing the balance of its delicate and interconnected system in any way, and in view of the natural disasters that result from negative human behavior, it proves that we do not have the right to tamper with it and act with complete freedom with it.

She drew attention to “the great danger that arises from throwing waste in nature, especially plastic, which takes hundreds of years to decompose, but rather that its decomposition is represented by the transfer of its toxic components to other living organisms, whether through polluted water that you drink or even when ingested directly or indirectly.” through the food chain of the organism, often causing its death.

It’s not too late

During her speech, the Princess stressed that “it is not too late to stop wrong practices against nature, as happened during a pandemic.” coronaIt is capable of starting the recovery of nature, the return of environmental balance, and the reduction of natural disasters that may be coming if these violations against nature continue.

With regard to national efforts and what the Jordanian state aspires to in order to sustain its environmental resources, Princess Alia Bint Al Hussein praised the local efforts that have been made. Nature protectionin which Jordan was a pioneer at the regional and global levels, at the legislative and executive levels.

These efforts consisted in reducing the wrong “individual” practices against nature, including poaching and illegal trade in animals and smuggling them to and from Jordan To neighboring countries and the world, stressing, “We still aspire to intensify these efforts and always reach the best in this file and all other files at the local, regional and international levels in light of the experiences of youth and the efforts of various national institutions.”

Premium nature

The Jordanian princess indicated that her country is characterized by a very distinct nature due to the great diversity within a small geographical area, and that the early efforts in caring for the environmental file in the country brought it to a very good stage compared to the available capabilities.

She added: “The Kingdom contains various natural reserves, which have contributed to the protection of wild and plant species threatened with extinction at the global level. There are even wild species that were only registered in Jordan, as species of the plants or even vertebrates.”

And she added, “However, we all aspire to increase these areas that protect wild species so that they are within the international standards that have been set at an approximate area represented by 20 percent of the area of ​​each country.”

problems and obstacles

She stressed that Jordan faces many obstacles with regard to the environmental file, most notably the weak capabilities and resources in light of the circumstances surrounding the country and the economic repercussions that have affected it during the past years, due to the repercussions of Corona pandemic And various wars, in addition to the destruction of different environments and urban sprawl, as well as individual practices.

She called for concerted efforts to raise awareness of the importance of nature and collective and individual initiatives in protecting the environment, nature and animal welfare, and for everyone to assume social responsibility in stopping any practices that may harm the smallest detail of this file.

private enterprise

The Princess’s individual initiatives developed into the establishment of a private, non-profit foundation in 2009, which bears the name “Foundation Princess Alia Bint Al HusseinIt is supervised by several specialized institutions.

The Foundation works on various issues, such as nature and animal protectionRenewable energyAnd treatment of autism and mental disorders through horses and other animals, in addition to providing aid to schools, providing scholarships, supporting chaste families in providing study requirements for their children, and organizing volunteer work in many fields with the support of organizations and volunteers and in partnership with many official and private institutions.

According to the latest statistics, the Princess Alia Bint Al Hussein Foundation includes more than 130,000 volunteers, 2,863 partners, and provided 404,981 volunteer opportunities, with a total of 3.4 million volunteer hours through its various programs.

Unique shelter experience

In addition, the Foundation established the natural shelter reserve, which is the first of its kind, in partnership with the “Fier Bufoten International” company.

This reserve provides a suitable place for the disposal of live seizures of various animal species that are seized in the Kingdom during smuggling and illegal trade.

All these animals are examined before disposing of them according to international standards, either by releasing them to appropriate wild places, whether inside Jordan and in coordination with relevant stakeholders such as the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature, or even outside them to places of their natural spread globally, “and this is our first choice in the institution, but in some cases In cases such animals cannot be released into the wild, they are kept with veterinary health services provided by a specialized staff.

The “Al-Ma’wa Reserve” has received some endangered animals within the conflict and war zones in the region, to contribute to the protection of wild species on a regional level, in addition to the national level.

The experience of the shelter reserve is one of the most successful and prominent experiences in the region, which made it the first destination for sheltering animals that have been seized or that there is no suitable place to shelter them in the region in general.

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