PlayStation Exclusive Game Dreams is Making a Big Change in April

Media Molecule is making a major change to its PlayStation exclusive game Dreams this April, affecting the way players will access content.


  • Media Molecule is ending Dreams live Curation support in April 2024, introducing new features to help players discover fan-made content easier.
  • The developer confirmed that the game will shift to a self-sustaining platform, but players can still create and play games in Dreams.
  • Despite changes at Media Molecule, support for the Dreams community continues through livestreams and social media posts.

Media Molecule confirmed that live Curation support for its PlayStation exclusive game Dreams will be coming to an end with a new update in April. Several changes will be made to Dreams in order for new and returning players to continue discovering content from the game’s talented community of creators.

Back in April 2023, Media Molecule announced its plans to end live support for Dreams in September 2023 as the company’s focus shifted to development of a new project. Just a few days removed from that announcement, Media Molecule co-founder Mark Healey announced his departure from the company after 17 years. Despite the major changes at the company, Media Molecule continued to support Dreams in 2023 with a server change and regular updates with the player community on social media. In addition, PlayStation Plus subscribers had access to Dreams as one of the subscription service’s free games during the month of August 2023.


LittleBigPlanet Developer Media Molecule Was at Risk of Being Closed Down

With a torrent of video game industry layoffs happening, LittleBigPlanet and Dreams developer Media Molecule was almost among that list.

Media Molecule’s latest blog post and Twitter post confirms live Curation support for the DreamSurfing and DreamShaping features in Dreams will end in mid-April 2024. A new update will introduce new playlists alongside the “Dreams Recommender” feature, which displays recommendations based on what the user recently played within the game. Media Molecule emphasizes that the update is a transition to “a self-sustaining platform,” allowing players to continue enjoying incredible fan-made Dreams content and take advantage of improved discoverability. For example, a new Tags feature on the front-page playlists will allow players to easily sort content by genres and other categories. The Dreams Recommender will serve a similar purpose on the game’s front page, to promote new and trending creations from the community.

Unfortunately, this decision comes with confirmation that a consultation process was performed at Media Molecule, resulting in layoffs for the company’s Dreams Curation team in spring 2024. According to Media Molecule, the changes to the Dreams development team also mean that the Impsider editorial will no longer be supported with new posts. However, Media Molecule plans to support the Dreams community with livestreams and new posts from the company’s social media channels.

Although support from Media Molecule is lessening to an extent, players will still be able to make games and continue playing some of the best games in Dreams in 2024. The future of Media Molecule still remains uncertain in the midst of industry layoffs and studio closures, but there’s hope from the community that a self-sufficient Dreams may continue to operate for years to come.



Dreams is a video game creation tool that allows players to hop into the engine and craft their own unique games that they can share with other players.

February 14, 2020

Game Creation System

T for Teen: Fantasy Violence, Language

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