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Plane ‘struck by lightning’ just before touchdown | US News

A Delta Air Lines plane was likely hit by lightning just before landing at Boston’s Logan International Airport (Pictures: WCVB)

A plane carrying dozens of passengers through a storm was possibly struck by lightning mid-flight.

Delta Air Lines flight 2346, originating from Chicago, was approaching Boston’s Logan International Airport late Monday when it was likely struck by lightning.

The Airbus A220 managed to land safely at Logan airport at 11.45pm.

Airport workers inspected the exterior of the plane, which was carrying 85 passengers, and took it to Terminal A, WCVB reported.

The incident happened on Monday night (Picture: WCVB)

Delta did not confirm whether the plane was hit by lightning and stated only: ‘As safety is always Delta’s top priority, the aircraft is being taken out of service for evaluation in line with our typical procedures.’

There were no injuries reported.

Massachusetts Port Authority (MassPort) emergency crews were spotted inspecting the outside of the plane.

Emergency crews inspected the exterior of the plane after the incident (Picture: WCVB)

Former MassPort CEO Tom Kinton said the plane is ‘designed to take the hit and then have the electricity follow through the fuselage and exit the aircraft’.

‘So, you may have some disruptions – lights will flicker, avionics will go on and off in the cockpit,’ he told the Daily Mail. ‘Things get restored fairly quickly – within seconds.’

Kinton added: ‘It’s not common in that it occurs every time because air traffic controllers and pilots all take precautions to avoid storms and go around them, particularly when they’re severe in nature.’ 

The plane was taken out of service for evaluation (Picture: WCVB)

Commercial planes are struck by lighting once or twice per year on average, according to the National Weather Service.

The incident comes less than three months after a lightning bolt struck an American Eagle plane full of passengers on a tarmac during a strong storm. A photographer recorded the frightening moment that the bolt appeared to strike the plane’s tail, sending off sparks. All the passengers on the plane got off and technicians examined the aircraft for damage.

And in March 2021, lightning hit a Boeing 737 MAX airplane with 140 passengers as it prepared to land. A video from inside the cockpit showed the bolt strike the nose and the pilots navigated in nearly dark conditions. The plane landed safely and was not damaged, and no one was hurt.

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