Palworld Fans Want Dating Sim April Fool’s Joke to Be a Real Thing


  • Palworld’s April Fool’s dating simulator joke gained popularity online.
  • The teaser sparked interest in a real version of the game among players.
  • The humorous teaser and community reaction highlight Pocketpair’s ability to engage with players through fun and unexpected announcements.

Palworld has announced a dating simulator as an April Fool’s joke, but players would like to see the idea become a reality. Palworld is a mix of elements such as open-world survival, crafting and base management, RPG, and monster collection. Because of such a unique combination, Palworld quickly became one of the most popular releases of the year.

Palworld players’ adventures through the Palpagos Islands have rather dark aspects, such as the possibility of smuggling and even butchering the adorable Pals. Some of these monsters can carry weapons, which has earned Palworld the nickname “Pokemon with guns.” Pals in Palworld can even suffer from depression and other issues if they don’t receive proper care. With Palworld, Pocketpair has shown that it isn’t afraid to go the extra mile, and a new announcement by the devs has won the hearts of gamers.


Palworld Fan Makes Original Grass/Dark-Type Pal Mushgloom

A Palworld fan creates a Pal called Mushgloom, and shares their fan art of a Grass/Dark-type creature with an origin both dark and adorable.

Palworld announced a dating simulator as an April Fool’s joke, but Pocketpair’s survival gamers showed great interest in the project becoming real. On the game’s official Twitter account, the devs published the trailer for “Palworld: More Than Just Pals,” which stars some of the game’s most popular characters. Unlike Palpagos Islands, the characters are in a school setting, with appearances from Zoe, Chillet, Lovander, and the Black Marketeer. Katress, one of Palworld‘s most popular Pals, appears as a transfer student with mysterious powers and a yandere personality.

Palworld’s Dating Simulator Isn’t Real, But Players Wish It Was

Taking an unexpected turn, the trailer’s caption teases that “an adult version of Palworld will be released soon.” The reaction from the community was very humorous, with several players praising the work Pocketpair had put into creating the April Fool’s joke. Several comments said they would “unironically buy or play” Palworld: More Than Just Pals. Some players also chose the Black Marketeer, originally a very dark Palworld character, as one of the trailer’s most unexpected moments.

Palworld: More Than Just Pals is just an April Fool’s joke, but it shows that the devs are very aware of the community’s memes. Going further, the idea entertains Palworld players by recalling anime dating simulators that have become successful, such as Yandere Simulator and Sucker For Love: First Date, and imagining what a “Palworld spin” of this idea would be like. While it’s highly unlikely that the Palworld dating simulator will see the light of day, players are waiting for real updates, which will add a new boss and raid to Palworld soon.



Pocket Pair’s Palworld is a creature-collection game set in an open-world. Entering early access on January 19, 2024, the project blends survival, building, farming, monster breeding, and shooter elements.

January 19, 2024

Pocket Pair, Inc.

Pocket Pair, Inc.

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