Palestinian source: Hamas agrees to a technocratic government with the PLO

According to the source, it is not required agitation Any names for the presidency of this government or one of its ministers.

Doha also conveyed Hamas's initial acceptance of entry into the Palestine Liberation Organization, on the condition that this is linked to a clear political horizon leading to a Palestinian state on the 1967 borders.

These developments came after Odeh Abbas A number of Palestinian officials left Doha at dawn on Tuesday, after a three-day visit.

The source confirmed agreement on an Arab principles paper led and followed by Saudi Arabia, which has been delegated Palestinian and Arab powers to do so.

The principles paper includes 3 points:

  • First: stopping the war Gaza And setting a political horizon for a two-state solution.
  • Second: Post-war reconstruction of Gaza through a technocratic government leading this stage.
  • Third: Following up on the internal Palestinian situation, completing reconciliation, and Hamas’ entry into the PLO within a single Palestinian-Arab vision.

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