How CliffyB’s Work on His Comic Scrapper Mirrors Themes from Gears of War

Although the series initially became somewhat notorious for its ultra-bulky character models, gruff protagonists, and over-the-top gory shooting and chainsaw action, the Gears of War games hide a surprising amount of narrative...

Spain, Denmark, Czech Republic: a group which should allow the Red Flames to dream of direct qualification for the Euro

Obviously, Ives Serneels' players were not spoiled with the opponent from Pot 1, that of the Final Four opponents, since they inherited Spain. But the clash against the world champions, and...

Best Pre-Made Families From The Sims 4

Highlights The Sims 4 offers a diverse range of pre-made families, from traditional to unique setups. Players can control these families without needing to create Sims, thanks to the vast...

The Red Flames know their opponents for the Women's Euro 2025 qualifiers!

Qualifications will take place between April and July. The first two in each of the four groups will be directly qualified for the final phase of Euro 2025 which will take...

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