One Borderlands Character Remains a Big Mystery Ahead of BL 4


  • Borderlands 4’s release is anticipated by fans, but Gearbox has been tight-lipped. A recent Twitter video hints at a new entry.
  • Borderlands 4 faces challenges in surpassing Handsome Jack’s villainy and addressing unanswered questions from BL3.
  • Commander Steele, a mysterious character, raises questions about her Siren powers, which could be explored in Borderlands 4’s story.

Borderlands 4 is in a strange situation because most fans are rightfully just assuming it’s going to be released sometime in the near future despite Gearbox being tight-lipped about its status. There is a strong chance that it will be announced soon, however, as the company recently shared a video on Twitter recapping the story of the franchise so far – something that does seem to be hinting at a new entry. Still, there are many questions left unanswered after the events of BL3, and the sequel is not guaranteed to explain just about everything that was left hanging. Borderlands 4‘s villain still has the bar left by Handsome Jack’s legacy to clear, its Vault Hunters have some challenges to face, and a character from the first game remains a mystery.

Borderlands 4‘s Siren is in a lose-lose situation, for example, as the pattern so far means a new playable Siren is coming, but Gearbox has limited choice when it comes to their powers. On top of that, there are some burning questions that deserve to be addressed at some point, such as what exactly is The Watcher’s war mentioned in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel or what happened to Lilith at the end of BL3. Likewise, Borderlands‘ Commander Steele remains one of the most enigmatic characters in the franchise, and answers seem unlikely at this point.


The Pros and Cons of Borderlands 4 Potentially Reprising Eridian Weapons

The next Borderlands release could bring back Eridian armaments, but there are some considerations on both ends of the argument that are worth noting.

Borderlands’ Commander Steel is a Chekhov’s Gun That Never Was Shot

Borderlands’ Commander Steele and The Destroyer are Two Sides of the Same Coin

The big problem with Commander Steele’s story in the original Borderlands is that it ended before the character could do anything significant other than scripted events, despite her being the main antagonist of the game. She met her demise at the hands (or rather, tentacles) of Borderlands‘ The Destroyer – one of the most disappointing boss fights in the history of video games due to it providing no meaningful loot after all the expectations set by the game.

Commander Steele was one of Borderlands‘ Sirens based on the tattoos she had on her chest and arm, but she was never seen using her Siren powers in any circumstances, not even against The Destroyer, posing the question of whether she was truly a Siren and what her powers were, if so. The Sirens of Borderlands‘ universe operate under a series of specific rules, as there cannot be more than six of them at any given time, and whenever one dies, someone else inherits her powers. As such, Commander Steele being a Siren means she could have had the powers of other Sirens shown in the games – or new ones entirely.

Why and How Borderlands 4 Can Answer a Big Lingering Mystery

Borderlands’ Sirens and Commander Steele’s Powers

In fact, five Siren powers have been shown so far:

  • Phasewalk – Lilith
  • Phaselock – Maya, Troy Calypso (temporarily), Ava
  • Phaseshift – Angel, Tannis
  • Phasatrance – Amara
  • Phaseleech – Nyriad, Tyreen Calypso

If Commander Steele had one of the existing powers, it couldn’t have been Lilith’s Phasewalk because she was alive at the same time as her. It likely wasn’t Phaseshift either, as Angel had the power since she was a child, as shown in Borderlands 3‘s Handsome Jack-themed mission. For all that players know, it could have been the sixth yet-to-be-revealed power, and BL4 has a chance to explain this.

Borderlands 4‘s Vault Hunters and story could in some way be tied to Commander Steele, mentioning her in passing and explaining what sort of Siren she was and why she didn’t use her powers. Commander Steele is not a big enough character to be remembered for years to come as the franchise evolves, but there are secrets surrounding her that may be worth delving into whenever the next chapter in the story comes out.

borderlands 3 box art

Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 is the fourth installment in the Borderlands series. In this looter shooter, players take missions from NPCs and seek out Vaults, similar to the rest of the series.

September 13, 2019

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Unreal Engine 4

M for Mature: Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Sexual Themes, Strong Language

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25 Hours


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PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One & Xbox Series X|S

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