Olympic Games 2024: Accused of racism and neo-Nazism, the IOC believes that Russia is falling even lower

IOC spokesperson Mark Adams said following these remarks: “We saw some very aggressive statements from Russia today. A comment goes further. Linking the president, his nationality and the Holocaust is unacceptable. The Russian government is falling even lower.

As the Olympics approach, the scandal continues in Paris: the number of illegally dismissed tenants explodes

Everyone who follows the rules is welcome in the Olympic movement“, declared for his part the president of the IOC the German Thomas. Bach. “As long as the Russian Olympic Committee respects the rules, it is welcome. The ball is in his court.”

The measures taken against Russia, and its ally Belarus, were taken due to the war of aggression waged by the Russians against Ukraine since February 24, 2022.

So far, Russia is not planning a protest boycott of the Olympics, the Minister of Sports indicated in mid-March. But the formal decision has not yet been taken

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