No one should leave SYRIZA, Svigou asks

Nobody should leave SYRIZA, noted the secretary of the Central Committee of the official opposition party Rania Svigou on the radio station “Kokkino 105.5”.

Rania Svigou argued that “a split, a fragmentation of the left and progressive space, cannot help the cause of the Left”, adding that “more mature thoughts must prevail and we all focus on everything that unites us”.

The secretary of the Central Committee of SYRIZA-PS emphasized that “we all have to respect the left and progressive world, the members and voters of SYRIZA, who are quite disappointed by the developments”.

As Rania Svigou said, “maturity, seriousness must prevail and we must focus on politics and on the great goal of rebuilding our party, as a whole of the left and progressive space and the counterattack against Mitsotakis politics”, underlining that “this is how we are useful, and that’s why the citizens voted for us.”

“What is important,” continued Rania Svigou, “is to focus on the problems of society, where we see a nightmare landscape after the elections.” Because, as he said, “these are the crucial and major ones, and for them there is room to submit proposals within the party’s organs, possibly by disagreeing”.

The two secretaries of SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance

“The unity of SYRIZA is a condition for the reorganization”

And he went on to say that “partial disagreements are not only reasonable, but desirable in a party that spans from the radical left to the democratic center.”

Rania Svigou argued that “the unity of SYRIZA is a condition for the regrouping and counterattack of the wider space of the Left”.

For this, as he said, “we need to find a common modus vivendi, a new intra-party coexistence pact, to end this prolonged period of introversion and to put the collective good before disagreements.”

He then added that “no one can forget or ignore that we remain the official opposition, that political space in which the expectations of the majority of leftist and progressive citizens are expressed”.

“There is space within SYRIZA so that all opinions can be expressed”

Rania Svigou emphasized that “we cannot talk about the reconstruction of the renewing and radical Left if it is not done through the largest party of the Left and the progressive space in Greece, which is SYRIZA – PS.

He argued that “there is currently no room for another party to the left of SYRIZA. On the contrary, there is space within SYRIZA so that all opinions can be expressed, and I believe this will be done at our conference.”

Finally, Rania Svigou said that the SYRIZA-PS conference “can and should be a conference of reconstruction, synthesis of different opinions and everyone’s participation in the common goal of overthrowing the Mitsotakis policies”.

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