MultiVersus’ Character Releases Need to Pick Up Right Where They Left Off


  • MultiVersus boasts a diverse roster with many characters from Warner Bros. IP, delighting fans with playful movesets and crossovers.
  • If Warner Bros. wants to keep MultiVersus thriving long term, it needs to keep consistently adding new characters.
  • The five additions in season 1 of the game’s beta are a great example of how useful consistent releases can be for a live-service game’s longevity. While 5 characters every season may be too much to ask, the beta shows that characters being added to the platform fighter regularly is an ideal approach.

One of the greatest strengths of MultiVersus – present from the moment it was first announced all the way back in November 2021 – was its vast roster of crossover fighters, all but one of whom came from various corners of the Warner Bros. IP universe. From Scooby-Doo to Game of Thrones to DC and a whole lot in between, MultiVersus‘ roster was varied, its characters’ movesets were filled with playful references to their respective source material, and it all embraced the game’s core premise wholeheartedly.

But MultiVersus‘ roster wasn’t perfect, at least not for everyone. Warner Bros. has such a vast collection of IP that any omissions from well-known franchises were bound to disappoint at least some fans, regardless of who was in the game already. There are still countless characters that MultiVersus could add following its re-launch at the end of May, and if Warner Bros. is serious about keeping the game alive for the long haul, then it’s going to need to start adding those characters pretty quickly.


In a Way, MultiVersus is the Antithesis of Mortal Kombat

Although both fighting games are property of Warner Bros., MultiVersus and Mortal Kombat 1 are nearly complete opposite approaches to the genre.

MultiVersus’ Full Launch Needs a Consistent Stream of New Character Releases

New Characters Were a Big Highlight of MultiVersus’ Beta

While MultiVersus‘ seasonal approach could have been a lot better in general, there were certain aspects of it that felt pretty much nailed down right from the get-go, and the game’s steady stream of new characters was definitely one of these. Beginning in August 2022, MultiVersus‘ first season of live-service content saw a total of five new fighters get added to the game, including both titular Rick and Morty protagonists, Gremlins‘ Stripe and Gizmo, and DC’s Black Adam. In November 2022, MultiVersus‘ second season brought Looney Tunes‘ Marvin the Martian to the arena.

Though no new characters were released between November 2022 and MultiVersus‘ Beta shutdown in June 2023, those few months of new character drops were arguably some of the game’s most exciting, with each new drop going a long way in keeping fans invested. While it might not be sustainable for MultiVersus to drop new fighters every few weeks or so like it was doing before, MultiVersus must try to put out new characters at a consistent, steady rate after it re-launches later this month. Thankfully, it seems as though MultiVersus might be doing exactly that.

Just a few days ago, developer Player First announced that The Joker would be coming to MultiVersus upon its re-launch on May 28. With a moveset consisting of iconic Joker weapons like a pop gun and spring-loaded boxing gloves, and with Mark Hamill lending his voice to the role once more, MultiVersus‘ Joker looks like another excellent addition to the roster, and it seems to hint that MultiVersus won’t be missing a beat.

During the recent MultiVersus Joker gameplay trailer, the Powerpuff Girls were also teased, appearing briefly on the Bat-Computer before the Joker hacks it. Though it hasn’t been confirmed yet, this tease implies that the Powerpuff Girls will be heading to MultiVersus as well, likely in time for its grand re-release. But while these two new additions to the MultiVersus roster are a great way to pull in crowds for launch day, the game needs to keep this pace up long after the re-launch, as new characters and other substantial content are the only way MultiVersus is going to remain relevant in a sea of stiff competition.

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