More than 1,200 participants for the largest student running event in Wallonia, in Louvain-la-Neuve (PHOTOS & VIDEOS)

All the photos of the 5 & 10 Miles of Louvain-Neuve 2024

Rue Charlemagne was therefore packed with people during the starts of the 10 Miles but, above all, the 5 Miles which alone attracted nearly 700 participants. Less than 29 minutes later (28.41 exactly), CS Dyle athlete Maxime Delvoie, who was notably included as a reserve within the Belgian relay team during the last cross-country Euro, crossed the line first. arrival of this 8 km course.

“It’s always great to come back and run here, on paths that I have walked a lot, especially during my jogging”, smiled Maxime Delvoie, a bioengineer who is pursuing a doctorate focused on the study of volcanoes. “It's a special atmosphere on this race, with mainly university students. It’s a change from what you can see elsewhere.”

Regarding his race, he was able to manage his effort despite a very fast start. “It went away very quickly. I was a little scared given the route which was not easy to manage. But it was…”

Behind, we found Maxime Verwilghen on the 3rd step of the podium. Relaxed but exhausted. “I run a bit for fun. I am also looking for a coach to better structure myself. I was still aiming for a top 5. With this podium, I am delighted. But completely dead…”

Among the ladies, triathlete Emma Claisse, recently 2nd in the 20 Km Maredsous-Dinant, won in an upgrade over the short distance.

5 & ​​10 Miles from Louvain-la-Neuve 2024
The first men of the 5 & 10 Miles of Louvain-la-Neuve 2024 ©Hugé

The omnipresence of the Royal Military School

Sophie Delguste, already a three-time winner in the 5 Miles in the past, achieved her first success in the 10 Miles. “It’s the first time I’ve lined up for this distance”, admitted the one who grew up in Louvain-la-Neuve. “Having studied here as well, I know everyone. It's always nice to come back. This time I wanted to discover the 10 Mile course. It wasn’t particularly a goal but I set the pace I needed to win.”

It was also difficult to miss the blue tide of jerseys from the Royal Military School, which came with numerous representatives. Including Barthelemy Geldof, winner of the 10 Miles in 56.46. An athlete who has a reference time for a half marathon of 1h11.45, for example. “I came with my colleagues from the Royal Military Academy, where I work. It was a pleasure to line up on this great course”he simply slipped on arrival.

5 & ​​10 Miles of Louvain-la-Neuve 2024: the results

The podiums

10 Miles

  • Men: 1. Barthelemy Geldof 56.46; 2. François Thirifays 59.39; 3. Quentin Dalaiden 59.49.
  • Women: 1. Sophie Delguste 1h06.49; 3. Lena Kieffer 1:06.59; 3. Louise Deldicque 1h09.57.

5 Miles

  • Men: 1. Maxime Delvoie 28.41; 2. Pascal Van Kerschaver 29.05; 3. Maxime Verwilghen 29.17.
  • Women: 1. Emma Claisse 33.44; 2. Marion Decaesterker-Baelen 36.48; 3. Celestine Delannay 37.13.

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