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You all know I’m not one to moan but sometimes even my sweet temperament is pushed to its limit.

I was at airport waiting to get flight. I was helped all the way by special assistance and they left me by the gate in a little area where there are only three disabled seats. I parked my wheelchair next to them and then a perfectly healthy young woman came, sat on one and put her bags on another. She proceeded to get her phone out and started doing selfies, obviously doing a TikTok or Instagram thingy. I gave her the Mr Grumpy stare but she was totally oblivious to the whole situation. I let it go because after many years of confronting these selfish idiots you learn to choose your battles. This was one I wouldn’t win. Next, I get to gate and get charged €46 for my carry on. Again I took it on the chin as I was never going to win a row with Ryanair (journey back cost €6).

Watching MasterChef the other day and a guy taking part was asked what he did for a living. He replied, ‘I’m Head of Customer Success’. What on earth does that actually mean? So I google it – ‘Head of Customer Success leads the customer success function with a vision and strategy to provide customers with a voice, support, guidance, and knowledge resources that will facilitate the achievement of their business objectives using the organisation’s products and services and drive sales and increased revenue’. What? I still have absolutely no idea what he does for a living but the pay is over £80,000 a year. Not bad for a job that nobody has ever heard of! .Utter nonsense! There are so many of these made up names now – fancy being Director of Happiness or Chief People Person – real job titles!! Solutions Specialist sounds interesting! Please stop this nonsense – it’s ridiculous.

I went for a meal with my daughter. The gaff was pretty dimly lit, or ambient lighting, as they would say. Anyway I couldn’t read the very small writing on the menu. So Sarah read it and ordered a fish dish that we said we would share as we were not that hungry. It was €47, except it wasn’t; it was €47 per person! She didn’t see the tiny p.p in the dark! She was mortified but another lesson learnt!

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