“Mazzarri? I’m optimistic, he will bring new energy”

The agent of several Serie A players spoke to Sportitalia, also answering questions about the future of Napoli

EXCLUSIVE SI Giuffredi: "Mazzarri?  I'm optimistic, it will bring new energy"

Important day for prosecutor Mario Giuffredi, who today presented his new book “The road of a dream”. On the sidelines of the event the agent of several of the players Naples gave an exclusive interview to the correspondent of Sportitalia Jolanda De Rienzo. These are his statements:

On De Laurentiis:
He is not a person who easily wastes words on agents and on other people in general. I’m proud, they impressed me in a particular way. He is a president who does not always reveal the feelings he has for others. I love the president, then we can also argue tomorrow morning, but the feeling I carry in my heart for president De Laurentiis is something indelible.

On Mazzarri:
“I am optimistic, as always in life. I believe he has a great desire for revenge, he will be a river of energy. He can be an important factor for the players at this moment. The team has great pride and all the energy that Mazzarri brings will only be of the benefits. I have an excellent feeling. Then it is clear that the calendar puts 4-5 very difficult matches ahead of us. These could create new problems or launch us into the recovery. If there had been less difficult matches it could have been a more peaceful path. I am However, I am convinced that great teams and great players can overcome even the very tough matches that will come.”

Mazzarri’s new training sessions:
“There is great intensity, as Mazzarri is used to doing. He understood that this is the bread with which to revive the team.”

This summer you were the only one to say Lukaku to Roma:
“Yes, it’s true. I was the only one who said it. Today I feel like saying, as a fan, that anyone who thinks that Napoli is dead will have a rude awakening, they will find a fierce team.”

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