Lukas Nmecha, the last Anderlecht player to have missed a penalty

17 out of 17 for almost three years

The last one to miss was… Lukas Nmecha, April 5, 2021 in Antwerp (1-4). The Anglo-German was, however, a specialist. During the 2020-2021 season, the current Wolfsburg striker scored nine and missed two. Since its failure, Anderlecht have received 17 penalties in the league in almost three years. They were all converted. The best performing Mauves were Refaelov and Gomez, who took four of their own.

Detail of 17 of 17
Detail of 17 of 17 ©IPM Graphics

Dreyer when Dolberg is not playing

This season, the shooters are Danes: Kasper Dolberg was number 1 on the list, Anders Dreyer number 2. But Anderlecht had three penalties when Dolberg was injured, already substituted or on the bench. So it's 3-2 for Dreyer right now. Their five penalties earned eight points.

  Anderlecht will know their opponents this Friday.
Anderlecht had won their series of penalties against Young Boys. ©BELGA

Series of penalties: not yet great

However, we do not yet dare to say that Anderlecht has defeated the Indian sign. Just remember the series of penalties lost against La Gantoise in the Cup final in 2021 (misses by Cullen and Murillo) or against AZ in the quarterfinals of the Conference League in 2023 (misses by Vertonghen and Sardella) or the penalty missed by Refaelov against Vitesse in the last preliminary round of the Conference League in 2021. But there were also series of penalties won, like against Seraing and Lierse in the Cup or against Young Boys Berne in the Conference League preliminaries.

Failures for Standard and Antwerp

Anderlecht is not the only team to have a perfect report card this season. Westerlo even received and scored six penalties. The Union has a nice record of 9 out of 10, Kevin Rodriguez is the only one to have missed, against Club Bruges (still a 2-1 victory). Two teams have a negative record: Kanga missed two of the three penalties for Standard and Janssen even missed three of the four for Antwerp. Heynen missed two of four for Genk.

Penalties in the Pro League
Penalties in the Pro League ©IPM Graphics

10 misses in JPL 2012-2013, 15 in all

But there is worse. In 2012-2013, John van den Brom's Anderlecht missed ten penalties in the league, including four by Dieumerci Mbokani. Adding the penalties against Genk in the Cup and a penalty in the Cup and the European Cup, Sporting had missed 15 out of 29 in one season. The season before, the record was barely better, with 7 out of 13. But ironically, Sporting won the title against Club Bruges via a penalty from Guillaume Gillet.

Anderlecht penalties.
Anderlecht penalties. ©IPM Graphics

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