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Lila Downs supports Yahritza and Her Essence in the face of controversy

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During his participation in the most recent program of Divine Netssinger Lila Downs addressed, in addition to his musical projects, the controversy faced by the regional group Yahritza and Her Essence.

There is a lot of truth in what she says.“said the singer born in Oaxaca regarding the comments made by Yahritza and her group. She highlights that Natalia Tellez, host, also shared her opinion on the subject.

What did Lila Downs say about Yahritza and Her Essence?

Lila commented on this after the presenter Paola Rojas told her: “You are very Mexican but you are also binational (…) You are Oaxaca, but you are New York.”

Like this Yahritza case that is happening right now.”commented the artist.

To which Consuelo Duval questioned her: “What do you think?”.

“He is someone who He says the things he feels, I guess, but There is also a lot of truth in what she says and also a lot of anger within the Mexican community. about his negative comments about us,” Downs said.

Yahritza and Her Essence in the Zócalo.  (Ariel Ojeda)
Yahritza and Her Essence in the Zócalo. (Ariel Ojeda)

Natalia intervened to share her opinion on this controversy: “As for the topic, I understand the anger. I love Mexico but we are hypersensitive, it is like a hypersensitive nation where it is very delicate to speak. On that particular topic, I think we should never forget the characteristics of people: suddenly I see that it is someone very young, but I think that It is excess of violence and anger“.

“I think that anger expresses a collective issue of hatred towards mexican americansthe Mexican-American, in her case, because she is a girl… chique,” ​​Lila pointed out.

Then, Rojas delved into a personal question of the Oaxacan artist: “How do you accommodate this pride of being Mexican but being binational so well? How do you ensure that discrimination never stops you?”

“I believe that there is no formula, I believe that everyone has their own path depending on their context, the love they grew up with, their aesthetic context in which they appreciated life, as some songs say.”

“I think that makes your vision negative and positive, and you can work with both things; that you can be with Pedro Páramo and you can also be with something that talks about modernity and Aldous Huxley or something modern that is positive and that gives you It is going to push forward and it has to do with your culture and your navel,” Lila Downs concluded.

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