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IP of Cd. Juárez demands lack of federal action due to immigration crisis

A letter addressed to Secretary of the InteriorMaría Luisa Alcalde and the Secretary of Foreign Relations of Mexico, Alicia Barcena, for more than 10 business organizations of the municipality of Ciudad Juárez of the State of Chihuahua, They expressed the lack of government intervention to address a problem economic and security in the region in relation to migrants.

Some business groups in the municipality that subscribe to this letter are: The Association of Transporters, the Business Coordinating Council, the National Chamber of Cargo Transportation, the Regional College of Cargo Transportation, the National Council of the Maquiladora and Export Manufacturing Industry and among others.

“We address you as the responsible and competent authorities at the federal level. for the purpose of making a formal claim for negligence of omission by not intervening in the face of the serious problems generated by migrants who have arrived in a disorderly manner and in large numbers to our border city for more than a year,” it was mentioned in the letter addressed to the authorities.

The businessmen argued that The massive arrival of migrants to Ciudad Juárez has created a crisis due to “the absence of public policies that denote the lack of interest and, above all, of federal public resources to address this situation.”

They highlighted what this problem has caused the United States government to take unilateral measures such as partial or total closures of border crossings.

“This situation has caused economic losses of several billion pesos, due to the fluctuation of bridge closures, caused by the threat that migrants represent to the United States,” the letter from the IP highlighted.

It was noted that this situation, crime increased mainly in kidnappingsso the authority was asked to take action on the matter.

In this sense, the business sector demanded the necessary conditions to be able to carry out its activities in an environment of peace and security, so they are in the best position to support the construction of a solution to what is currently happening and if they do not do so, economic losses and lack of competitiveness in the region will continue.


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