Independent dairy producers want to put pressure on the executive and the FNSEA

This Tuesday, February 13, it was the turn of independent milk producers to demonstrate their anger in Paris in order to warn elected officials “ on the dramatic situation faced by dairy farmers in France “. In the morning, we could see a cow made of blue, white and red fiberglass on which it was written “ fair trade milk “, representative ” milk price justice without intermediary », According to a dairy producer speaking to BFMTV.

The day before, the Association of Independent Dairy Producers (APLI) published a press release on its Facebook to give the slogan: “ Our French and European policies must respond to agricultural issues with concrete measures aimed at guaranteeing remunerative prices including our production costs, dignified remuneration and margins. “. And to announce the free distribution of 2,000 liters of milk during the event.

The president of the APLI, Adrien Lefèvre, denounced this Tuesday morning at the RMC microphone of “ government responseswho are missing the point “. But he also considered that the demands of the FNSEA and Young Farmers (JA) “ are really too technical ”, with proposals too focused on “ THEreduction of loads and constraints “.

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“Prices are falling apart”

Pointing to the States General of Food, Adrien Lefèvre estimated that the problem was “not not Franco-French “. “ We will not be able to achieve this with Franco-French measures. The problem is European », he detailed, recalling the mobilization of farmers in fourteen European countries.

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According to the president of APLI, the “ prices are breaking down because these are markets and markets are breaking down in all countries “. And to add that “ the government and the majority unions completely deny it “. “ When the independents leave their farm, it is not a union problem. It's because there is a real structural and fundamental problem », assures Adrien Lefèvre. “ It absolutely must be the producers who regain power in the sector otherwise we will always be screwed “, he denounced on RMC, placing particular emphasis on the question of income: “ We just want producers to be well paid. »

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In hollow, the president of the Association of Independent Dairy Producers deplored that the executive “ always listen to the same ones “. And to specify: “ It's time to listen to the independents that we are (…) We were never received in the ministries despite the reminders. » And for good reason, ten days after the lifting of the blockages, Gabriel Attal announced that he will receive the FNSEA and the Young Farmers in Matignon this Tuesday afternoon – while the majority union is considering a resumption of actions if the recent announcements of the Prime Minister are not followed by concrete effects between now and the Agricultural Show in Paris, which will open on February 24. Adrien Lefèvre also promised “ actions during the Agricultural Show “.

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