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In Sao Paulo, giant fried eggs to warn of global warming

BRAZIL – It’s as hot as cooking an egg on the sidewalk. This is the idea that Dutch artist Henk Hofstra had for his new installation in the streets of São Paulo. Since Monday September 18, the inhabitants of the largest city in Brazil can admire giant fried eggs in the business district, as seen in the video at the top of the article.

And if those big, shiny egg yolks make you want to take a selfie, the 3D sculptures aren’t there just to look pretty. The artistic installation aims to alert on
global warmingeven as São Paulo prepares for a new heat wave at the end of winter in the southern hemisphere.

Henk Hofstra was inspired by the experiment tried by many curious people on social networks, which consists of doing cook an egg using the heat of the sunon the asphalt or by leaving a pan on the ground.

Titled “art-egg-cident”, the sculptures are part of a festival organized in five Brazilian cities to promote sustainable development through art, from September 16 to 18. On Sunday September 24, temperatures are expected to reach 37 degrees in São Paulo. Art is already catching up with reality.

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