In Poland, the municipal campaign shaken up by the war in Ukraine

At the end of 2023, Poland was still talking about the October legislative elections won by the progressives of the Civic Coalition (KO) under the leadership of the new Prime Minister, Donald Tusk. The newcomers launched parliamentary commissions of inquiry against the Law and Justice party (PiS) and attacked the management of public radio and television, transformed since 2015 into a propaganda instrument of the dismissed government.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian border remained blocked by a angry farmers movement against imports from the East. But for months, as Ukraine showed more and more signs of weakness, Poland was still arguing about itself.

Then daily life was turned upside down overnight. It is difficult to understand when exactly this took place. The fact remains that from January onwards, the warnings became regular. Their object: the need for immediate awareness, because Russia would now also threaten Poland. Over time, concern has spread to ordinary citizens.

Going to Spain for Easter…

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