Hungary blocks European aid to Ukraine worth 50 billion euros

And he wrote Urban On the X platform (formerly Twitter) “Summary of the night session: Veto on additional funds for Ukraine, and veto on review European budget Multi-year. “We will return to this issue next year after appropriate preparations.”

Last month, Orban announced that he does not support moving forward with negotiations on Ukraine's future membership in the European Union, in another indication that his country may stand in the way of Kiev's ambitions to join the bloc.

Urban explained:Ukraine “It is in no way prepared to negotiate its ambitions to join the European Union. Hungary's clear position is that negotiations should not start.”

Orban's government had refused to provide Ukraine with weapons in its war against Russia And threatened to use veto Against the financial aid packages provided by the European Union to Kiev.

Hungary also accuses Ukraine of violating human rights Hungarian ethnic minority In western Ukraine by restricting the use of the Hungarian language in schools.

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