How To Get a Pet Turtle in Stardew Valley

Turtles are the newest addition to the list of lovable pets you can adopt in Stardew Valley Update 1.6. Here’s how you can get one.

To keep you company on your adventures in Stardew Valley, Update 1.6 lets you adopt multiple pets. Previously, the options for a pet were limited to only cats and dogs, but now you can even choose an adorable Turtle to stay by your side. If you’re wondering how to get a pet Turtle in Stardew Valley, read on.


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How To Get A Pet Turtle In Stardew Valley

How To Get A Turtle Pet In Stardew Valley

Before you can get another pet in Stardew Valley, you will need to maximize your relationship with your first pet. Pets have a maximum friendship level of 1000 points, which increases each time you pet them or fill their water bowl.

You can check your Friendship level with your pet via the Animals tab on the menu.

Each pet in Stardew Valleyneeds their own outdoor Pet Bowl, which is why you will need to purchase one before you can adopt a Turtle. Pet Bowls can be purchased from Robin at the Carpenter’s Shop. One Pet Bowl costs 5,000 gold and requires 25 Hardwood. Hardwood can be collected by chopping down Mahogany Trees and stumps on your farm.

a pet bowl in stardew valley 1.6.

However, as mentioned earlier, if you haven’t reached maximum hearts with your pet, you won’t be able to purchase a Pet Bowl from Robin.

After placing the Pet Bowl on the farm, visit Marnie’s Ranch and interact with her. From Marnie’s dialogue options, click Adopt Pets and scroll down to choose the Turtle you want to adopt. There are two types of Turtles, each with a licensing fee.

  • Green-shelled Turtle – Costs 60,000 gold
  • Purple-shelled Turtle – Costs 500,000 gold

After you pay the required gold, you can name your new pet turtle, and Marnie will promptly send it to your home. Choose your turtle’s name wisely since it cannot be changed once the pet is adopted. Upon reaching home, you’ll find your pet turtle at your farm.

Marnie can be found at her shop from 9 AM to 4 PM every day except Mondays and Tuesdays. Marnie’s Ranch also remains closed on Fall 18 and Winter 18.

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