How To Find Your ‘Bridgerton’ Name, According To TikTok

Bridgerton Season 3 has officially dropped on Netflix, but chances are you already knew that. In prepping for your inevitable Netflix marathon, you’ve probably been checking in on your favorite characters, refreshing your mind with all of Season 2’s plot holes, and daydreaming about what kind of royal you would be if you transported into Regency-era England. On TikTok, a viral sound clip helped people discover their Bridgerton-inspired names ahead of Season 2, and the results would make Lady Whistledown proud. Here’s how to find yours and participate in the trend as you gear up for the Polin era.

We can’t all be a Featherington or a Bridgerton, but there’s a way to find a noble-sounding name that will make you feel like the belle of the ball. TikTok users follow a simple formula, popularized by the “Your Bridgerton Name” sound clip, to put together their own luxurious titles. First, you’ll start with Lord or Lady, followed by your middle name. From there, add the last thing you drank with “ton” at the end. To signify where you’re from, add “of,” followed by the first part of your street name with “shire” tagged onto the end. The results may sound fancy enough to make you feel like a character on the show — or at the very least give you a chuckle depending on what you drank last.

How to find your 'Bridgerton' name.

The once-viral sound features a voiceover explaining how to put together your royal title while the string version of Taylor Swift’s “Wildest Dreams” heard at different points throughout Season 1 plays in the background. Examples of the Bridgerton name trend on TikTok are inspired by everything from coffee to kombucha.

The sound has been used in thousands of videos and users are racking up hundreds of thousands of likes on their videos, like user @alice_nevin, or should I say Lady Elizabeth Teaton of Pineshire, who got 2.3 million likes on her video. Most people use the sound over a selfie video while adding text to share their name.

No matter what your Bridgerton-inspired name is, this trend is a fun exercise to see exactly where you might fit into the spring ball circuit, or how you’d be referred to in one of Lady Whistledown’s Society Papers. I’d would be known as Lady Miranda Waterton of Westshire by following this formula and honestly… I’m into it.

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