how the counterfeit industry and the mafia are killing Pakistani women

The time of death was pronounced at 6:27 p.m. On the operating table of the hospital in Peshawar, Pakistan, lit by a cold light, the body of a young woman lay lifeless. Her stomach is swollen. His crotch is covered in blood. Death was caused by the interference of an unknown substance which caused internal bleeding. The mysterious product? Counterfeit abortion pills. A few hours earlier, Briah and her boyfriend had an appointment at a clandestine clinic. The place is sinister, hidden from the public. On the Haji Camp Ada Faisal road, no sign advertises it. And for good reason, when a patient walks through the door, it is to have an abortion. Briah was 24, Mansoor was 25. Both had met at university. They were in love but not married. A disgrace if their families found out. The operation therefore had to be secret.

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A few hours before the tragedy, Briah swallowed 400 micrograms of misoprostol. The medication is used to trigger contractions and cause the embryo to detach from the uterine walls. A woman posing as a nurse inserts three more pills into the student's vagina. “It will speed up the expulsion”, he was told. Mansoor holds his girlfriend's hand. “She was terrified but very courageous”, he says, in a pained voice. Barely a few minutes pass when Briah begins to moan. She has a stomach ache. “She was suffocating”, continues Mansoor, closing his eyes. Briah is bleeding profusely. ” It's normal “, reassures an employee. The clinic team is used to it. But five hours later, the patient could no longer breathe. His blood pressure drops. Faces tense. This time, the staff is worried. They don't know it yet, but Briah only has a few hours to live.


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