Has Olivier Deman become a sure value in the defense of the Red Devils or is he in danger before Euro 2024?

At issue: his total minutes in the Bundesliga this season (1,210). He would not have expected it when he arrived in Bremen at the end of summer. “There was a clear plan when I arrived but I had to adapt and I did it well. The level of the German championship is higher than the Belgian one. Everything goes faster, the referees let more play. You don't have time to procrastinate or recover. It was the ideal step. I became stronger, more complete.”

Dismissed by Storck, adored by Tedesco, Olivier Deman comes from afar: “I thought about going to play in Knokke”

To the point that he is essential in the Devils group with a fifth selection in a row and two caps including a start in a friendly match against Serbia. “I'm not going to say I'm surprised to be called up but I'm proud and I'm taking advantage of every moment in training to grow. I also hope to still get some playing time.”

This would do him good after having had a period as a substitute at the club. “The coach put me on the bench when we won against Bayern Munich. I then started when we went on to win two games. Then, I came out of the eleven, but still having playing time each time. I know that I am still learning, that I am progressing. The coach asks me to be very low in the build-up before being able to do all my flanking when we are in possession.”

Will he be at the Euro despite his progress since last June? The question remains unanswered because he is one of those who could jump from the group. If the coach doubles all the positions, he will be there as an understudy on the left. If Tedesco only takes three full-backs, considering that Timothy Castagne can help out on the left in the event of the absence of Arthur Theate, Deman could pay the price.

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