Hades 2: Best Duo Boons, Ranked

The Gods of Hades 2 are based on Greek mythology, but though they do bicker and squabble from time to time, they tend to be a lot more cooperative than their real-life inspirations. As Melinoë collects boons, eventually she may be offered a Duo Boon – like a combination of the boons offered by two Gods.


Hades 2: Best Apollo Boons, Ranked

Apollo, the God of Light, is one of the new additions to the roster in Hades 2 – and offers some of the best boons in the game.

Duo Boons can be some of the strongest boons in the game, and tend to modify and enhance the special effects granted by each of the parent Gods. Though some of the Duo Boons are lackluster and not worth picking over standard options, these best Duo boons Hades 2 players can get are truly game-changers.

5 Golden Rule

Demeter & Poseidon Duo Boon

Hades 2 Best Duo Golden Rule Demeter Poseidon



Increases all Damage by 5% per 100 Gold you currently possess

Just requires any Demeter and Poseidon boons

Golden Rule has the potential to offer one of the best damage bonuses in Hades 2 if you have the cash to back it up. This boon is based on your current Gold amount, and if you have a lot of gold, this has the potential to absolutely skyrocket all forms of damage.

At the end of an average Hades 2 run, at Charon’s Shop in the House of Hades or on Charon’s ship in the Rift of Thessaly, players tend to have a lot of Gold – especially on the surface. If you can get this early, be stingy and watch your damage output skyrocket with every Coin room completed. But even if it pops up late, its flat damage bonus is still hard to pass up.

4 Beach Ball

Apollo & Poseidon Duo Boon

Hades 2 Best Duo Beach Ball Apollo Poseidon



Your Sprint creates a watery sphere behind you. After you stop, it surges ahead and bursts.

Just requires any Apollo and Poseidon boons

Despite the somewhat silly nature its name might imply, this is one of the best Duo boons Hades 2 players can pick up. Using the powers of both Apollo and Poseidon, this creates a blast of water every time you Sprint, which launches in front of you when you stop.


Hades 2: Best Apollo Boons, Ranked

Apollo, the God of Light, is one of the new additions to the roster in Hades 2 – and offers some of the best boons in the game.

The base damage of this ability is 140, and doesn’t require any Magick, unlike some other Sprint-based effects in Hades 2. Beach Ball procs every time you Sprint, too, and serves as the capstone to a build focused on Sprint effects, like Poseidon’s other powerful boon Breaker Sprint.

3 Room Temperature

Demeter & Hephaestus Duo Boon

Hades 2 Best Duo Boons Room Temperature Demeter Hephaestus



Your blast effects clear freeze, allowing you to freeze foes again right away.

Requires any Blast boon from Hephaestus and a Freeze boon from Demeter

Demeter and Hephaestus are almost polar opposites – not so much as Demeter and Hestia, but still. The Forge is still an icon of heat and flame, and Demeter’s abilities revolve around ice and cold.

This boon essentially uses the Blast effects of Hephaestus to completely clear the current Frozen cooldown time on enemies, allowing them to immediately be vulnerable to Freeze again. Normally, Freeze cannot proc repeatedly on enemies, and there’s a few seconds after it clears where they cannot be affected by it.

But by using these two abilities in tandem with this best Duo boon, your powerful Blast moves will reset the Freeze cooldown. Though this is of course great against normal enemies, it’s especially effective against bosses, who normally Freeze for less time and have a longer Freeze cooldown period.

2 Romantic Spark

Aphrodite & Zeus Duo Boon

Hades 2 Best Duo Boons Romantic Spark Aphrodite Zeus



When you Sprint into Blitz-affected foes, Blitz immediately activates at 200% strength

Requires a way to generate Blitz and any Aphrodite boon

Blitz is one of the weakest effects in Hades 2 on its own. It deals a burst of damage, but only after you deal damage to an enemy affected by Blitz within a small time period, or it will simply fall off and do nothing. However, with Aphrodite’s help, Blitz becomes an absolute powerhouse of a special effect.


Hades 2: How To Get Moon Dust

Moon Dust is an important resource in Hades 2 that is used to upgrade one of the game’s new core systems – Arcanas.

With this, you can instantly proc the Blitz burst of damage when you sprint into an enemy. If you can trigger Blitz on a horde of enemies, and sprint into the group, they’ll all immediately suffer the Blitz damage without you having to build up a separate damage threshold.

Plus, the Blitz damage is doubled – the normal Blitz damage is 120, which will increase to an impressive 240, which can be triggered over and over again with proper use of Sprint and Blitz-generating effects.

1 Glorious Disaster

Apollo & Zeus Duo Boon

Hades 2 Best Duo Boons Glorious Disaster Apollo Zeus



Channel 30 Magick into your Omega Cast to deal 50 damage every 0.13 seconds

Must have Apollo’s Solar Ring or Zeus’ Storm Ring boons

Zeus’ Storm Ring boon is one of the best Cast-enhancing boons in Hades 2, and Apollo’s Solar Ring is arguably the best boon in Hades 2. But what if you could combine them both for a truly God-like Cast?

If you are able to get this Hades 2 best Duo boon, enemies inside of your Omega Casts will suffer the damage of Zeus’ Storm Ring at the rate of Apollo’s Solar Ring. 50 damage every 0.13 seconds, for an average three-second-long Omega Cast, is about 23 instances of damage. 50 times 23 equals a staggering 1,150 damage over the course of your Omega Cast.

If this Boon is offered to you, take it no question. 1,150 damage will kill any regular enemy, melt any mini-boss’ HP bar, and deal serious chunks of damage to endgame bosses like Chronos and Eris. And in just three seconds.

You must have either the Solar Ring or Storm Ring boons, not just any old Apollo or Zeus boons, for it to have a chance to appear.


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May 6, 2024

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