Germain Gigounon looks back on his separation from David Goffin: “I had less impact on the field”

“There had already been a change in the staff at the end of last season with Yannis Demeroutis taking charge of half the weeks. After the Miami tournament this year, we talked a little bit. I had less impact on the field than in the past. We decided to stop our collaboration there and each move on to new things. There were no problems. With David we were quite close and we knew how to talk about it.”

During their work together, David experienced, despite a title in Marrakech and another at the Louvain-la-Neuve Challenger, a fall in the ATP rankings by leaving the top 100. Which was not always easy to manage. .

Germain Gigounon bounces back…

”As in every relationship there were ups and downs. It hasn't always been easy. When it's more complicated, you have to find the right words, get motivated again, find new solutions. As with everything, sometimes there is wear and tear. Sometimes words don't come across as well. But David always worked hard and stuck to what was offered to him.”

Among the best moments of their relationship, Germain Gigounon remembers the quarter-final at Wimbledon in 2022: “David was close to his first Grand Slam semi-final. I wish him to reach it one day. We had beautiful moments but also more complicated moments. I haven’t forgotten them because we had deep discussions where there was emotion.”

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