Genshin Impact Leaks Info About New Potential Natlan Character Xbalanque


  • Xbalanque is the a new character expected to join Genshin Impact after the Natlan region release.
  • Recently, updates have consistently introduced at least one new five-star character, keeping the roster fresh.
  • Xbalanque being dubbed as “One Entombed With the Primal Fire” suggests he may be a powerful addition to the game.

A new Genshin Impact has revealed information about a new character, Xbalanque, who is expected to join the roster after the release of the Natlan region. Since the Fontaine nation was released, every new update has introduced at least one new five-star character to the game.

The ongoing Genshin Impact Version 4.5 introduced a new Geo user named Chiori in the first part of the update alongside the leader of the Arataki Gang known as Itto. The second part of the update features re-runs for two powerful five-star units, Neuvillette and Kaedehara Kazuha, both of whom are considered S-tier units in their respective roles.


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While the main focus of Genshin Impact‘s recent updates remains on the Hydro region, a new post on the Genshin Impact Leaks subreddit has revealed details about the first Natlan character that could join Genshin Impact‘s roster. His name is Xbalanque, and he was first mentioned during the official introduction of Neuvillette. In the Hydro user’s description, Xbalanque is quoted saying, “Someday, when they return, their true ordeal shall begin.” The fact that he was referred to as “One Entombed With the Primal Fire” led many players to believe that he is tied to Natlan, also known as the Pyro nation. A credible leaker named Team Mew has now revealed that, based on concept art, Xbalanque may be short-haired and very cheerful.

A previous set of Genshin Impact leaks revealed that Xbalanque has a boy model. A couple of replies in the comment section have pointed out that the character might be very similar to an existing character named Bennett who has been part of the game since release. This also gives more credibility to the popular theory that Bennett comes from the Pyro nation, considering that the official storyline already confirmed that he was abandoned by his parents and his true origins are still unknown.

Genshin Impact: Xbalanque Release Date Speculations

There is currently no official information about Xbalanque’s official release date, but it’s safe to assume that he won’t join the roster before Version 5.0 arrives. However, he could make in-game appearances and introduce the main character to Natlan, similar to how Charlotte appeared in Genshin Impact 3.7 and was released four updates later.

Rumors have also described Xbalanque as the most powerful character in Natlan, which comes as a surprise considering that Archons are usually the strongest individuals within their respective regions, with some exceptions. It’s highly unlikely that Xbalanque is an Archon since the game has previously confirmed that Natlan’s leader is named Murata.

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September 28, 2020

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