‘Friends’ Stars Jennifer Aniston & David Schwimmer Reunite For Super Bowl Ad

Friends stars Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer have reunited for Uber Eats’ Super Bowl 2024 commercial.

During the one-minute ad, Schwimmer (aka Ross Geller) runs into Aniston (aka Rachel Green) on a movie studio backlot.

“Jen! Hey!” Schwimmer says while approaching a visibly confused Aniston, who asks: “Have we met?” The Morning Show star doesn’t recognize her former co-star.

Aniston then asks Schwimmer to “give me a hint” about his identity. “Well, we worked together for 10 years,” he responds, referring to their Emmy-winning sitcom, which ran between 1994 and 2004.

David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston.

“You were great,” Aniston quips, but Schwimmer doesn’t buy it. “You still don’t know, don’t you?”

“Like I’d forget 10 years of my life,” Aniston says under her breath as she walks away from Schwimmer, who ends the exchange by declaring, “I hate this town.”

Friends Fans Love Any Cast Reunion

Fans were quick to comment on the pair’s reunion, with one joking that the Uber Eats ad is “all I’ll be watching this Super Bowl for.”

“It’s always heartwarming when any of the Friends cast reunite,” another user commented on YouTube, while one fan also joked, “She didn’t forget who he is. Her memory is just ‘on a break.’”

David Schwimmer.

Aniston and Schwimmer aren’t the only big names featured in Uber Eats’ Super Bowl 2024 ads. David and Victoria Beckham, who recently starred in a teaser of their commercial, also make an appearance.

While forgetting the name of his wife’s legendary girl group, the Spice Girls, David asks Victoria, “Remember when you used to be a pepper lady?” to which she responds, “Wasn’t it the cinnamon sisters?”

Closing out the star-studded ad is this year’s Super Bowl Halftime Show headliner, Usher, who jokingly forgets about his upcoming gig.

“I hope I get to play a halftime show someday, man,” he says, as the brand’s tagline reads, “Whatever you forget, remember Uber Eats gets groceries.”

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