France joins the list of “punishers of Israeli settlers”

The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement on Tuesday:France Sanctions will be imposed on extremist Israeli settlers convicted of violence against Palestinian civilians in the West Bank.

She added: “28 Israelis will be prevented from entering French territory.”

On Monday, Britain announced the imposition of sanctions on 4 extremist Israeli settlers who “violently attacked” Palestinians in the West Bank.

The British Foreign Office said in a statement that these sanctions impose “financial and travel restrictions, to combat the ongoing violence committed by settlers that threatens the stability of the West Bank.”

The statement quoted Foreign Secretary David Cameron as saying: Israel To take firmer measures and put an end to settler violence.”

These steps come after the United States announced similar measures on February 1.

The most prominent persons with disabilities

  • Among the four sanctioned settlers is Moshe Sharvit, who is described as “an extremist settler who threatened, harassed, and assaulted Palestinian shepherds and their families in the Jordan Valley.”
  • “In October 2023, 20 families fled after Charvet attacked residents and gave them five hours to leave,” the British statement said.
  • The statement mentioned the name of Yinon Levy, who was also sanctioned by the United States.
  • Levy is accused of leading a group of settlers around the Mitrim settlement outpost, where “its settlers used physical violence and resorted to the destruction of property to displace Palestinian communities.”

And bear witness West Bank Occupied by Israel since 1967, there has been an escalation in violence since the start of the war between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip last October.

According to the Palestinian Authority, more than 380 Palestinians have since been killed by Israeli soldiers or settlers in the West Bank, where more than 2.9 million Palestinians live.

The number of West Bank settlers is about 490,000, residing in settlements considered illegal by international law.

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