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France calls for the assistance of the Governor of the Banque du Liban in a fraud investigation

He faces Salama and helps him Marian Howayek And his brother Raja, investigations in Lebanon, France and other countries for allegedly embezzling hundreds of millions of funds from the Central Bank.

The brothers deny any wrongdoing.

A close source said in an interview with Reuters that France has set a hearing in Paris for Raja on May 31 and Al-Huwaik on June 13. A Lebanese judicial source confirmed to Reuters that Lebanese judiciary He receives summons orders and works to deliver them.

France last week issued an arrest warrant for Salameh, 72, after he refused to attend his hearing in Paris. issued by the International Police (Interpol) later a red bulletin.

Lebanese fear

  • Caretaker Justice Minister Henri Khoury told Al-Jadeed TV that he fears that more foreign countries will follow the example of France and direct their accusations against Salameh, which could have “repercussions” on the country’s financial situation. Lebanon has already been suffering from a deteriorating financial situation since 2019.
  • “That is why the ruler must realize this matter and resign on his own,” Khoury added.
  • Thus, Khoury added his voice to the voices of the deputy prime minister in the caretaker government and the interior minister, who said last week that Salameh should step down.
  • Two government sources told Reuters that the cabinet met on Monday afternoon to discuss how to influence the government Safety charges On the Lebanese state and the legal options it may have to remove him.

Two government sources said in separate statements that the meeting did not produce any tangible results. A statement issued after the meeting said the cabinet would support any measure decided by the judiciary.

Raja, Riyad and Al-Hawik have already been charged in two separate cases in Lebanon related to embezzlement and other financial crimes, but neither has been detained.

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