“For tribute to the victims of October 7, denounce cronyism, avoid blindness”

This Wednesday February 7, four months after the October 7 massacre, France will pay tribute to the French victims of killings perpetrated by Hamas. Even today, the population of Gaza is driven from its territory and victims of massive bombings and Israeli war crimes. This tragic situation is spreading across the French political landscape. Should La France insoumise (LFI) be present at this tribute? This subject of debate is appalling. Four families of hostages wrote to the President of the Republic to ask that the rebels not be present and the deputy (LFI) François Ruffin had the most intelligent reaction: people who are mourning their children have the right to write this and can ask whatever they want. It is then up to the President of the Republic to say who should be invited or not and Emmanuel Macron has chosen to respect the protocol.

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The situation is particularly violent. But we can understand the anger of the victims' families who are shocked by the comments of a political party which, from the start, has had such difficulty saying that Hamas is not only a resistance movement to the Israeli occupation. . We can understand the embarrassment on the part of all those who have the impression that the motivations of LFI deputies who use this kind of language are clientelist. We can understand that they have in mind the more than doubtful outings of the deputy David Guiraud who, from Tunisia, compared the actions of Hamas and those supposedly of the Israeli army – in fact the Lebanese Phalanges – in the 1980s.

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Describe reality

However, we can also deplore that this anger towards the language of certain LFI deputies has turned into a form of witch hunt. And whether it is a question of accusing some of anti-Semitism who only underline how Israel's policy is currently absolutely unacceptable. There is a major difference between the inability of rebellious MPs to immediately, totally and firmly condemn the horrors perpetrated by Hamas and stating what is the simple reality. Namely, nothing authorizes Israel to bomb civilian populations and cut them off from all means of subsistence or electricity. Which, when it was practiced by Vladimir Poutinehas been described by the entire international community as “war crimes”, even “crimes against humanity”.

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We wonder why it is still impossible today in the French political field to have a balanced position, a position which would support the right of the Palestinians to obtain a state and not to suffer an absolutely unacceptable policy and which, at the same time , would analyze the very particular dimension of Hamas, which is not only a Palestinian movement but also an Islamist movement with a deadly and abominable ideology. French political life has been fractured by this subject for four months. The national community is tearing itself apart. Emmanuel Macron was right, in this context, to recall that the ceremony of February 7 will be a Republican ceremony to which the elected representatives of the Republic are all invited. But it will take much more to escape this absolute trap in which the cronyism of some and the blindness of others are damaging France a little more.

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