Final Fantasy 14 is Making Changes to Its Fantasia Feature


  • Changes to Fantasia potion in Final Fantasy 14: Dawntrail allow one-hour window for reverting or making more changes.
  • Players can receive a free Fantasia in Ul’dah once Dawntrail is released, with unlimited options for appearance changes.
  • Patch 7.0 on June 28 will bring Fantasia changes, a new Ul’dah quest for free Fantasia, and discounted potions for sale.

During the 81st Letter from the Producer Live broadcast, Final Fantasy 14 producer and director Naoki Yoshida said that players who use a Fantasia in the Dawntrail expansion will have a new one-hour window to either revert or make more changes after using the feature. In addition, Yoshida confirmed that all Final Fantasy 14 players can receive a free Fantasia potion in Ul’dah once Dawntrail is released.

To start the 81st Live Letter episode, Final Fantasy 14 revealed its highly-anticipated Dawntrail Job Action trailer, which showcased some of the new skills and animations that all the game’s Jobs will receive during the expansion. The 21-minute trailer showed the new Viper and Pictomancer Jobs in action for the first time, giving players a glimpse of the gauges both new Jobs will use. The trailer also showed the changes other Jobs will receive in Dawntrail, including the reworked Dragoon and Astrologian. Yoshida then gave a live demonstration of the Viper and the Pictomancer later in the broadcast.


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After providing more details on the Dawntrail PC Benchmark update slated to launch by the end of May, Yoshida stated that players looking forward to trying out the updated character creator will have something else to look forward to. The Fantasia potions available in the Final Fantasy 14 Online Store will soon provide a one-hour window for players to revert or make further changes to their character’s appearance, including their race, gender, and other features. Yoshida added that the changes players can make during that one-hour window are unlimited and that the timer will start once any changes are made after consuming a Fantasia.

Final Fantasy 14 Fantasia Changes

  • Players will have one hour after using a Fantasia to make or revert changes to their character’s appearance.
  • A new quest in Ul’dah will reward players with a free Fantasia.
  • The Fantasia changes will come with Final Fantasy 14: Dawntrail

The changes to the Fantasia feature will be part of Final Fantasy 14‘s Patch 7.0, which will launch on June 28. In addition, Yoshida said a new quest in Ul’dah will be added once Dawntrail goes live. This quest will reward players with a free Fantasia potion to use in tandem with the graphics update, which was brought up during the Tokyo FanFest presentation in January 2024. Additional Fantasia potions can be purchased on the Online Store starting at $10, with discounts available for buying in packs or during limited-time sales.

Between the Job changes, the graphical update, and the changes to the Fantasia potion, the changes coming to Final Fantasy 14: Dawntrail continue to climb up. It remains to be seen if a Fantasia sale will occur once the expansion is released.

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