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Exhausted, Keanu Reeves asked for his character to be killed in “John Wick 4”

Keenu Reeves in John Wick: Chapter 4.
Murray Close/Lionsgate Keenu Reeves in John Wick: Chapter 4.

Murray Close/Lionsgate

Keenu Reeves wanted to end the saga after John Wick: Chapter 4.

CINEMA – A real success at movie theaterthe saga John Wick carried by Keanu Reeves ended with the final fight between the High Table and our hero. Victorious but succumbing to his wounds on the steps of the Sacré-Cœur in Parisit seems that John Wick is now resting in peace alongside his wife.

Very invested in the physical preparation for the role and in his stunts, Keanu Reeves, now 59 years old, emerged from these shoots physically and morally exhausted.

The franchise producer John WickBasil Iwanyk, revealed during an interview with Colliderthat Keanu Reeves wanted to see his character die permanently in John Wick: Chapter 4.

“After the 2nd, 3rd and 4th films, making these films is so exhausting and it destroys Keanu, physically and emotionally. In the end, he always says, ‘I can’t do this again,’ and we agree with him. He is only a shadow of himself because he always gives 100%. He said to me, ‘I want to be definitely killed at the end of this movie.’ We agreed on something else, a small opening of 10%. »

John Wick 5 remains a possibility

Indeed, the dialogue between Winston (Ian McShane) and King Bowery (Laurence Fishburne) at the end of the 4th part suggests that John Wick could still be alive.

Basil Iwanyk clarified that the project for a 5th film was in the pipeline, but without certainty. The cards are in the hands of Keanu Reeves and Chad Stahelski. “It’s a bit like they were Paul McCartney and John Lennon, and I was Ringo. Maybe they’ll call me to say ‘ok we’re in, this is what we expect from you and what we’re going to say.’

An uncertainty therefore but which will not deter fans of this already expanding universe. Several films and spin-off series are in preparation.

The universe John Wick expanded

Like the highly anticipated Ballerina, worn by Ana de Armas scheduled for release in July 2024, directed by Len Wiseman. Chad Stahelski, director of the films John Wick, keeps an eye on the project by being in charge of production.

This spin-off tells the adventures of a character already known to fans of the saga: Rooney, who appeared in the third film, a ballerina in search of the truth about her past who seeks to avenge the death of her father. The presence of Keanu Reeves in the casting is confirmed.

Another project derived from the universe of John Wickseries The Continental with Colin Woodell and Mel Gibson, broadcast from September 22, 2023 on Prime Video. The universe of the series takes place in New York in the 70s, Keanu Reeves will obviously not be there.

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