“Everyone sees, but everyone is silent”: Congolese Cédric Bakambu wants to recall the ongoing massacres in his country

On social networks, some players wanted to speak out, including striker Cédric Bakambu: “Everyone sees the massacres in eastern Congo. But everyone is silent. Put the same energy that you put into talking about the CAN to highlight what is happening with us, there are no small gestures”, said the former Villarreal or Olympique de Marseille striker.

The photos on the post are not trivial. The celebration with the right hand on the mouth and the index finger on the temple is linked to the drama, as a symbol.

Eastern Congo, mainly in the North Kivu region, has witnessed a veritable massacre since the mid-1990s. The M23 rebel movement is accused of numerous acts of violence against civilian populations by numerous international actors, including Human Rights Watch and the International Criminal Court. Despite a cessation of activities in 2013, the movement seems to have resumed since 2021. Since the start of the massacres, six million people have been killed.

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