Epic Games Store is Coming to Two More Platforms


  • The Epic Games Store is expanding to iOS and Android later this year, becoming the first multiplatform game store.
  • Several third-party partners are interested in joining EGS’ mobile launch, which will include new self-publishing tools for mobile developers.
  • The results of legal battles with Apple and Google could lead to Epic Games’ mobile store avoiding regulations and offering more competition in the market.

Epic Games has announced that the Epic Games Store is coming to iOS and Android devices later this year. The Epic Games Store‘s mobile expansion will allow the storefront to function across all major, non-console platforms.

The Epic Games Store was launched in 2018 as a competitor to Steam, with its reduced revenue cut being one of the main selling points for developers. Epic also attempted to attract studios by cutting its 5% Unreal Engine royalty for any revenue generated from the Epic Games Store by games using the state-of-the-art engine. As for attracting regular users, the Epic Games Store offers free games every week, with games like Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and The Bridge currently being free to claim. It seems that Epic has plenty more in mind for the future of its growing storefront.


Epic Games Store Just Added One of 2023’s Best Games

One of 2023’s most unique and best-looking platforming games finally makes its way to Epic Games’ popular PC storefront.  

At Epic’s State of Unreal presentation, EGS General Manager Steve Allison announced the storefront’s mobile release set for later this year. He further detailed that the approaching launch will make the EGS the first game-focused, multiplatform store to be released across Android, iOS, PC, and Mac. As most probably assumed, using the store across the different platforms will be anchored by a user’s Epic account. Allison also revealed that multiple third-party partners have expressed interest in joining the launch of the EGS’ mobile release, but did not specify what companies these are. Additionally, the 2024 launch will be accompanied by new self-publishing tools that make it easier for mobile developers to release their apps. Epic plans to reveal more about the future of its Epic Games Store very soon.

Epic Games Store Coming to Android and iOS in 2024

The announcement comes after Epic went through legal battles with Apple and Google over their practices with the App Store and Google Play Store. Epic’s fight with Apple resulted in the iPhone creator being cleared of claims that it was a monopoly engaging in antitrust behavior, but was found to be enforcing anticompetitive rules that resulted in some slight changes.

Epic’s legal spat with Google over mobile store practices went much better for the Fortnite creator. A jury decided that Google had violated anti-trust laws in its efforts to position the Play Store as Android’s primary storefront. Epic’s future mobile store will likely help the company avoid the regulations imposed by the two tech giants in their respective storefronts.

In recent months, Epic announced more major mobile news. Fortnite was set to return to European Union mobile devices later this year. However, recent developments between Apple and Epic may delay this release.


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