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Deputy of Morena proposes that the surveillance of the facilities of the CDMX Metro be a matter of national security

The morenista federal deputy Manuel Alejandro Robles Gomez presented a proposal to modify the third and fifth articles of the National Security Law as a result of the “atypical” incidents registered in the Collective Transportation System (STC) Subway.

The initiative —published in the Parliamentary Gazette of January 24— adds a subparagraph to article 3 of said law, which determines as a matter of national security actions to prevent damage to communication routes, public services —such as the Subway—, State dependencies, among others.

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The legislator pointed out that the events in the Metro in recent years and the increase in these recently “lead us to think that certain groups, probably from the right, are using sabotage as a political weapon.”

The text also includes an addition to the fifth article in which the holder of the Executive branch is allowed to request the intervention of the National Guard when it considers “that there are atypical conditions that may put national security at risk.”

“What is intended with this initiative is to prevent the use of sabotage from continuing in a premeditated way and also using it as a political weapon,” added the Morenista.

He pointed out that in Mexico There are also other means or transportation systems such as the capital’s Metro in Guadalajara and Monterrey, as well as the Suburban Train that connects Mexico City with the State of Mexico, and the upcoming opening of the Mexico-Toluca Interurban Train.

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“It is necessary to put an end to this disastrous practice that threatens national security and disrupts the institutional life of our country. They must take action on the matter and not let this stratagem pass, which has also claimed the lives of several Mexicans, ”he said.

It should be noted that the deputy Alexander Robles He is the one who presented an initiative with which he seeks to reform the regulatory law of Article 5 of the Constitution and prevent the withdrawal of a title or certificate from a professional after five years of having obtained it.

The charge Deputy of Morena proposes that the surveillance of the facilities of the CDMX Metro be a matter of national security appeared first in Latin US.

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