Democratic fears of an increase in the number of people registered to vote

The concerns expressed in the memo are consistent with a noticeable shift in recent years showing unregistered voters leaning toward Republicans.

American opinion polls show a noticeable decline in the popularity of the…Democratic Party Among voters who have not yet registered their names compared to what was the case in the 2020 elections.

It also shows a decline in popularity Biden lower among black and Latino voters than in previous elections.

During his speech on the “America Today” program on “Sky News Arabia”, the strategist and former advisor to President Biden’s campaign, Kevin Walling, confirmed that the results The election The results of 2016 and 2020 will be close, given the complete image and idea that the Americans have created for both voters.

  • Biden intensifies field operations.
  • The 2024 elections will not depend on the level of persuasion, but rather on how to get unregistered Democrats to vote for Biden.
  • The findings of the memo and OpenLabs cannot change the direction and opinions of donors to the Joe Biden campaign.
  • Biden's collection of large sums of donations gives the impression of his ability to mobilize Americans in all states.
  • Possibility of donor support in the coming months.
  • For his part, Republican strategist Gregory Tosi believes that the findings of the studies at Open Labs are very important, as they prove that the democratic model was dependent on registering youth and minority votes, because they often vote for Democrats.
  • This cycle, there will not be as much Democratic voting as it was in the past, but some votes may go to Republicans.
  • According to the secret memo, a number of Democratic Party members will abstain from registering because they will be supporting Trump, and this group will include some new registrants.
  • be seen Democrats Minorities, especially men and people of Latin and African descent, tend to vote Republican.
  • Democrats focus on registering and winning the votes of voters who constitute the basic and central base, who are mainly single women and single mothers of African and Latin descent.

Positions of unregistered voters

  • A 2016 poll found that about 51% of those who had not registered to vote identified themselves as Democrats or leaning Democratic.
  • 31% of those who have not registered to vote identify themselves as Republicans or lean Republican.
  • The results of the 2016 survey were largely consistent with the results of the 2012 survey.

Gallup Poll 2023-2024

  • Democrats' share of unregistered voters fell to 42%.
  • The share of Republicans among the unregistered rose to 40%.

Pew 2023 poll

  • Unregistered voters prefer Democrats over Republicans by a margin of 45% to 37%.

Biden's popularity among blacks and Latinos

  • Biden's results are below 2020 election levels among Black and Latino voters.
  • Biden received support from 60% of black voters and 34% of Hispanic voters in a Quinnipiac University poll.
  • Opinion polls in 2020 gave Biden 87% of the black vote and 65% of the Latino vote.

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