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It’s all in the mind. As we age, most of us are happier and more relaxed when we feel younger.

When the years pile up and we men approach the mid-eighties, it becomes increasingly difficult to see ourselves as we were in our prime. Even if we have not yet reached the gasping, gaping and dribbling stage, we can feel ourselves slowing down.

We can no longer jump over fences or stand on one leg and, if we fall over, getting up would be as difficult as clambering out of a car or putting our socks on.

Much of this is in the mind. The cure for lethargy is effort and we need to use the mind to obtain a shot of adrenalin. We may no longer leap out of bed full of the joys of Spring, but lying there yawning or snoring until the crack of noon is no recipe for a fulfilling day.

And there are outside factors. We can concentrate on Spring rather than Autumn. In April and May fresh air, blue skies, birdsong and new roadside flowers reflect rebirth – and youth. With this we should identify. We could also rise earlier to embrace the freshness of early morning rather than the dying embers of evening.

Much as we may love classical music, we need to rejuvenate by identifying with the social pleasures provided by lighter music. The popular music we associate with our youth, be it Ella Fitzgerald, Simon and Garfunkel or the Rolling Stones, anchors us to an era when we had more love of life and enthusiasm for the future. Even better, try to relate to certain modern music. It may lack the depth of Beethoven but it is carefree.

When we aging men see an attractive woman, why not look at her with appreciation rather than, lust, indifference or – even worse – regret?  We have survived the “keep up appearances” years of ambitious maturity and it’s time to revert to our more youthful aspirations.

Sporting heroes such as Rod Laver, Pele and Jack Nicklaus are/were roughly our age. When they were at their peak, so were we. While we could never imagine competing with them, we were then at least capable of participating in their respective sports. We should be thankful for that.

Of course, they say age is just a number and we should simply accept that we are approaching the stumbling, mumbling and grumbling phase of our lives. But, if our mind can control how we feel, why not use it to recapture that younger feeling?

This is not the same as trying to recover the past, which would be impossible. The past has never existed but as a memory. However, we can feel better by association with the joys of our younger days.

Since retirement we have been liberated. It is up to us whether we continue to take ourselves too seriously or whether we take a step back towards the golden days of childhood.

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