Dad Bakes Sweet Pokemon Togepi Pie For His Daughter


  • Fans show love through creative Pokemon creations, like the Togepi pie, reflecting adoration for the series and loved ones.
  • Pokemon’s wide appeal allows fans to express affection in various ways, from homemade plushies to special anniversary gifts.

A stepfather has made a special Pokemon Togepi pie for his daughter, gaining praise from fans of the series and for the show of familial affection. The Togepi pie is just one of many Pokemon food creations that have won over the internet.

Pokemon fans have recreated their favorites from the show in a wide variety of ways, with no one art form limiting the endeavor. Whether players are using bike chains, lasers, 3D printing, or some other wild medium to create Pokemon fan creations, there’s a bevy of charming creations for every Pokemon around.


Pokemon Fan Makes Incredible Rayquaza Game Boy Advance SP

A creative Pokemon fan customizes an old Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP handheld after Rayquaza, the legendary Sky High dragon of Generation 3.

Reddit user and Stepfather CuddlyJon shared their special Togepi creation with fans of Pokemon and in general. The pie is loaded with strawberries and has been topped with a carefully cut piece of pie dough in the shape of Togepi. Little cut-outs have been made to perfectly represent Togepi’s eyes, mouth, and the line where its shell meets its neck. The pie Togepi looks like it’s asking for a hug, with its arms open.

The Pokemon pie looks adorable before and after being baked, with plenty of viewers sharing their admiration for the work that went into it. Several praised the dad as well for this display of parental love towards his child, regardless of blood ties. CuddlyJon noted that he actually wasn’t much of a fan of Pokemon growing up, having preferred Digimon to Pokemon as a child. However, now that he’s bonded with his daughter, who loves Pokemon, the series has been growing on him. Happily, he noted that his daughter and her friends were overjoyed when they got to see the pie.

Pokemon As a Way of Showing Love

With Pokemon maintaining its incredible popularity over the years, there are plenty of people who love the franchise. As a result, a lot of fans have used Pokemon as a way to show how much they appreciate and care about their loved ones. Several fans have proposed marriage with Poke Balls or other Pokemon-related methods, declaring “I choose you” to their partners. Pokemon gifts have also been given as anniversary presents.

Of course, it’s not just romantic love that’s professed with Pokemon. With Pokemon appealing to all ages and kids especially, parents and relatives have shown they care with the series, too. This has included gestures like giving a child a homemade Pokemon plush of their favorite, or decorating a child’s room with Pokemon paintings and decorations. While not everyone has the skill to create a sweet Togepi pie, there’s plenty of ways to make a Pokemon fan happy with a gift based on the series.



Pokemon is a franchise that needs no introduction. One of the most successful media empires in history, Pokemon spans games, television, films, manga, merchandise, music, and more.

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