Content Warning: How to Charge Flashlight

In Content Warning, when exploring the old world, it is almost impossible to survive without a flashlight. It’s one of the most important items for your journeys because, without it, you won’t be able to light the way or see monsters if they’re around. Unfortunately, the charge of flashlights is limited, and eventually, exploring the dark depths, it will run out of power. If you survived and returned to the new world, you probably wondered how to charge flashlights in Content Warning because buying new ones is expensive.

The game doesn’t explain this mechanic at all, but it is possible.


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Content Warning Flashlights

Similar to Lethal Company, Content Warning has a special station for charging certain devices.

Content Warning flashlight charging station

The flashlight charging station is located in the new world, right opposite the exit from the house, next to the machine for extracting camera video. It looks like a large gray pole with a levitating circle above it and a spherical base with several protrusions around it. It’s a charging station that you can use at any time. What makes it unnoticeable is that there’s not a single element of interaction, such as a lever, button, or slot for a flashlight.

All you have to do to charge the flashlight is pick it up and walk over to the station. When you do, you will notice blue sparks flying in the air and then coming into your flashlight. At the same time, you may notice that the flashlight’s charge is increasing, and it will take only a few seconds to reach a full charge.


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This way, you can charge all your flashlights except for Flare. The thing is that Flare is a consumable that you can use only once, after which it cannot be turned off. It will shine red in a wide range, but when the charge runs out, there is no way to replenish it again.

Content Warning gadgets

It’s also worth noting that in addition to flashlights, you can also charge the Shock Stick at the charging station. This is useful because this weapon is expensive and consumes quickly, so if you manage to survive in the old world and return to the surface, be sure to charge it before going down again.

As for the camera, you can’t charge it, because the indicator shows the amount of film left, not the battery level, so a charging station won’t help you.

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Content Warning

April 1, 2024

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