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Completely dismiss the municipal council in Derna and refer it for investigation

This comes amid mounting calls from city residents to reveal the results of investigations into the disaster and hold those responsible accountable, as well as to quickly begin the reconstruction process.

There was talk about corruption incidents that were behind the disaster that struck tuberagainst the backdrop of heavy rains caused Storm “Daniel”.

The accumulation of rainwater led to the collapse of two dams in the small city, which reports indicated had not been subject to maintenance for decades.

Commentators drew attention to previous warnings about the fragility of the two dams, including what was contained in an academic research published last year by a specialist in water sciences, which explained the possibility of the city being exposed to floods and the urgent need to maintain the dams that protect them.

The total number of deaths has not yet been determined, as thousands are still missing, while a large discrepancy has emerged in the numbers of victims announced by Libyan officials and United Nations figures.

Protests and demands

  • On Monday, hundreds of people protested in Derna to express their anger at the authorities, and demanded that those responsible be held accountable, a week after thousands of city residents were killed in torrents that flattened entire neighborhoods.
  • The protest represents the first large demonstration since the devastating floods.
  • The protesters demanded unity, in a country torn by… Power struggle Security chaos has existed for more than 10 years.
  • Mansour, a student participating in the protest, told Reuters that he wanted an urgent investigation into the collapse of the two dams.
  • Taha Muftah (39 years old) explained that the protest is a message that governments have failed to manage the crisis, and called for an international investigation into the disaster and reconstruction under international supervision.

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