Choso’s Arc Has Finally Come Full Circle


  • Choso defected to the heroes’ side after discovering Kenjaku’s manipulation, proving his loyalty and strength in battle.
  • His tragic death in Chapter 259 showcased his sacrifice for Yuji and the love he had for his brothers, a noble act.
  • Choso’s character arc was completed perfectly with his selfless sacrifice, showcasing the most human quality of all – love for family.

Very few characters in Jujutsu Kaisen have had the kind of character arc that Choso did. In his first appearance, he was merely the older brother of Kechizu and Eso, so fans automatically assumed that he was evil. This was later proven right by his allegiance to the Disaster Curses and his killing of many innocents in the Shibuya Incident arc. However, upon finding out how Kenjaku tampered with his and his brothers’ lives, Choso defects to the side of the heroes.

Here, he proved himself to be one of the most useful and powerful members of the entire Jujutsu High team, as his strength and dedication to his younger brother endeared him greatly to fans of the series. Chapter 259 of the Jujutsu Kaisen manga saw his tragic death at the hands of Sukuna’s Divine Flames, where he sacrificed his life to save Yuji, so let’s see why this was the perfect send-off to such a beloved character.


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Who Is Choso?


First Appearance

Jujutsu Kaisen, Chapter 60, “The Origin of Obedience, Part 6”

Debut Date

May 27, 2019

Story Arc

Death Painting Arc

Choso was first shown in a flashback and was revealed to be the older brother of Kechizu and Eso, the two Death Paintings that Yuji and Nobara killed. Because of this, Choso found himself against the heroes and had the singular goal of killing Yuji as revenge for what happened to his brothers, due to which he allied himself with Geto and the Disaster Curses to cause the infamous Shibuya Incident.

This event caused all the sorcerers to converge at Shibuya, where Choso eventually comes face-to-face with Yuji. After a difficult battle, Choso gained the upper hand but just as he was about to deal the finishing blow to Yuji, he got a flashback that revealed that Yuji was his brother in some way. Outraged at the fact that Geto would pit him against his brother, Choso eventually betrayed his team and joined the side of Jujutsu High, where he proved to be an extremely valuable asset in the Culling Games and subsequent arcs.

I have to go. Yuji Itadori, what are you? I have to know. And… what am I?

Choso was born a Death Painting, which is an accursed object spawned from the union of a human and a Cursed Spirit, a vile act that was orchestrated by Kenjaku, who was later revealed to be housing Noritoshi Kamo’s body at the time. This connection to the Kamo Clan gave Choso his signature ability of Blood Manipulation, which he has mastered for over 150 years.


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Why His Death Was Perfect

choso burnt jujutsu kaisen jjk 259

Ever since the Shinjuku Showdown arc began, Jujutsu High has suffered loss after loss at the hands of Sukuna. The most recent casualty came in Chapter 259 of the manga when Choso gave his life in order to save Yuji from certain death. While this is easily up there with the saddest and most unexpected deaths in the series, it was the perfect one to cap off Choso’s character arc.

Since his introduction, Choso had always put the welfare and love he had for his brothers above everything else. Being the eldest of the Death Paintings, he felt that he had a duty to protect and nurture his younger brothers from all sorts of harm, which he was shown to do on multiple occasions. The first instance of this was a comical one, where he joined the fight against Kenjaku at the end of the Shibuya Incident and insisted that Yuji call him ‘older brother’, despite the two of them fighting to the death just a few hours ago.

More than wanting to stop Kenjaku and whatever he was planning during the Culling Games, Choso’s main driving force remained his desire to keep Yuji safe and nurture his strength. Even in his fight against Kenjaku alongside Yuki Tsukumo, Choso kept the memory of his brothers alive and wanted to keep them in his thoughts at all times.

Choso’s relationship with Yuji grew over the arcs and it culminated in the Shinjuku Showdown, where he proved himself to be a massive thorn in Sukuna’s side. Eventually, however, his luck would run out in Chapter 259, after Sukuna unleashed his Divine Flames, which were more powerful than ever before due to various Binding Vows he placed upon them. Choso lived up to his ideals by giving everything he had to protect Yuji.

So what? Is that any reason not to put my life on the line for my little brother?

His death was an unexpected one, but the moment was exceptionally poignant. This even brought back the last words that Yuki ever said to him, saying that he died as a curse and should carry on living as a human, since sacrificing himself for the love he had for his family is the most human thing one can do. Choso may have lived his life as a curse, but his noble act of sacrifice, as well as the love he had for his brothers, is the most human thing of all.

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