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Chiapas will exceed thousands of migrants in a new wave of migration

Chiapas faces a new wave of migrants that, according to activistscould exceed the 100 thousand foreigners of different nationalities traveling the southern border from Mexico.

However, the increase in migrants transiting the state territory generates serious problems of public health and saturation in the terminals of buses from the municipalities of Pijijiapan, Tonalá, Arriaga and on some occasions that of Tuxtla Gutiérrez.

Migrants have saturated various bus terminals in Chiapas, seeking to continue their transit through the country (Jhonatan González)
Migrants have saturated various bus terminals in Chiapas, seeking to continue their transit through the country (Jhonatan González)

In these terminals, daily they move around 500 migrants with paid ticket to center of the countryassured José Luis Moguel, delegate of Civil Protection in the Metropolitan region.

“Suddenly we see these situations that arise Many people that comes here to Tuxtla Gutiérrez, apparently since there are offices here, they come with the intention of normalize or obtain documents that allow them to travel through the country and that means that suddenly we have so many people here in Tuxtla,” he explained.

Given this panorama, the state official pointed out that the temporary shelters installed by Civil Protection in the municipalities of Arriaga and Berriozábal are currently at 50 percent from his abilityalthough it is expected that in the coming days begin to saturate due to the mobility that foreigners have already started through the coastal zone.

Civil Protection of the entity reported occupancy of 50 percent of its capacity in the installed shelters (Jhonatan González)
Civil Protection of the entity reported occupancy of 50 percent of its capacity in the installed shelters (Jhonatan González)

“I suppose that for now the phenomenon is going to continue, we don’t know how long, it is a complex situation… We hoped that in Tuxtla the number of people could be avoided because they had no reason to come here, there is a shelter in Arriaga exactly by the State Civil Protection and they are given there daily attendance and they are also migrants who are sometimes passing through and there is a constant flow, however, there is a permanent care to all the people who require it”, he noted.

This Tuesday second day consecutively the offices of the Mexican Commission for Refugee Assistance (Eat) they were saturated of migrants in the border southern Mexico, after the peat that was generated this Monday and that left 10 people injured.

The authorities of the Comar they did not suspend attention to foreigners looking for their documents to continue on your way heading to the United States, so the building was sheltered for around 20 elements of the National Guard, Riot Police and Municipal Police, among them.

The migrants pointed out that in order for Do not happen again a stampede like the one on Monday, the authorities must have better organization and above all, separate the Haitians, whom accuse of causing disorder.

Meanwhile, so far this year, the Red Cross Mexicana has provided aid and humanitarian assistance to at least 10 thousand migrants coming mainly from Nicaragua, Venezuela, Jamaica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, as well as Korea and Costa Rica, detailed Ignacio de Jesús Albores Hernández State Relief Coordinator of the Mexican Red Cross in Chiapas.

“We have a National Plan of the Mexican Red Cross in which it is the National Migration Program, we give support or help of humanitarian assistance to all the people who are passing through here, in the state of Chiapas, from the Tapachula area to Arriaga… And we also have another route which is from Frontera Corozal to the municipality of Palenque, there we also have a mobile clinic that attention is given to all migrants that are on that route,” he added.

Albores Hernández recalled that the Red Cross delegation located in the municipality of Huixtla is the one that more humanitarian assistance presents, because it is the first municipality that migrants encounter after leaving Tapachula, although due to the number of people who have arrived, they expect that it will also increase in the Chiapas capital the demand from service.

“Right now in the Tuxtla Gutiérrez area we have seen An increment mainly in what is the Poniente zone of the city of Tuxtla Gutiérrez, we are raising an issue of follow up and seeing the way how be able to support to them so that they can continue on their way to the center of the country,” he said.

It is important to say that currently are estimated To over six thousand migrants who arrive almost every day at the Comar offices in search of your documentsfor later start a trip and thus fulfill the so-called American dream.


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